Spring practice photos - The Drills

While lining up across from your opposite during scrimmaging is the fun part of practice, the repetition of drilling is what instills discipline and increases agility and endurance. Take a look at some of the San Jose State football drills in this edition of the Inside Sparta Spring Practice Photo Gallery.

There are conditioning drills, agility drills, strength drills. Repetition creates muscle memory and endurance. Drilling is a necessary evil in sports, and no moreso then in football. It's those drills that enhance the natural abilities of an athlete and turn him into a football player.

Inside Sparta highlights just a few of the drills of the San Jose State football team in this photo gallery of the 2009 Spring Practice held on April 5.

San Jose State junior safety Jay Atkins goes through an agility drill.

Sophomore offensive tackle Andres Vargas in the blocking stance during passing drills

Freshman offensive guard Ben Zorn during the fumble drill

Junior running back Lamon "Mojo" Muldrow

Senior defensive ends Liam Smith (No. 98) and Mohamed Marah (No. 26) in arm sweep drills

Junior running back Dominique Hunsucker in a running back agility drill

The offensive line is run through foot drills

Running backs hit the sled during blocking drills.

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