More photos from Sunday's practice session

Inside Sparta continues its photo presentation of the 2009 San Jose State Spring Practice session. In this segment we show some of the younger players and players sharing a laugh between drills and scrimmaging.

San Jose State senior defensive tackle Kalvin Cressel gets instruction from defensive line coach Joe Salave'a

Sophomore running back Ina Liaina (No. 42), senior safety Billy Ring (No. 27), junior offensive guard Ailao Eliapo (No. 73), and offensive tackle Andres Vargas (No. 78)

Freshman center Reuben Hasani (No. 74), junior wide receiver Patrick Horan-Walker (No 81), senior wide receiver Kevin Jurovich (No. 6), junior defensive tackle Norman Romero (No. 67), and senior quarterback Kyle Reed (No. 7)

Senior Center Ronnie Castillo (No. 79) and sophomore offensive tackle Fred Koloto (No. 65)

Freshman wide receiver Jordan Johnson (No. 84), senior running back Phillip Knight (No, 41), and sophomore running back Ina Liaina (No. 42)

Freshman tight end Ryan Otten (No. 82), and junior tight end Avelino \Valencia (No. 80)

Senior tight end Julian Harris (No. 85), junior tight end Avelino Valencia (No. 80), junior offensive tackle John Konye (No. 66), and freshman tight end Kyle Otten (No. 82)

Senior offensive guard Garrett Faulconor (No. 62), junior offensive tackle John Konye (No. 66), and sophomore offensive guard Amar Albassam (No. 63)

Junior quarterback Jordan La Secla (No. 12), and junior wide receiver Jamal Beauchman (No. 88)

Senior linebacker Travis Jones

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