Notable freshmen in WAC baseball

Today our commentary on WAC baseball take a look at the freshman who are standing out so far in the early 2009 WAC baseball season. You'll enjoy this fun look at the enter-level stars.

The list below shows the notable freshmen who have contributed to some degree for their respective teams. I have omitted some that have stats that don't stand out for one reason or another. In fact, I may have overlooked some and I apologize for any oversight. Here's my All-WAC freshman team at this point and, guess what, I may end up with all outfielders since I'm not picking by position.

Position players: Nick Melino and Michael Turay (Nevada), Kolten Wong (Hawaii), Brennan Gowens and Kenny Wise (Fresno), Anthony Bona and Josh Silver (SJS), and Alex Williams and Mark Threlkeld (LaTech).

Pitchers: Matt Sisto (Hawaii) and Derek Benny and Josh Poytress (Fresno). Notice that it's a little light on pitching. Also notice that NMSU is not relying upon freshman to fuel their resurgence this year. To me that's a red flag. They are relying on JC transfers mostly which is ok, I guess, but you're always in a rebuilding mode. I'm sure Coach Ward is pretty happy about what he's seeing on the field, though, and it IS hard to argue with such success.

As it stands right now the outstanding position players would have to be Hawaii's Kolten Wong and LaTech's Alex Williams with SJS's Anthony Bona just a bit behind? Why? Homeruns, of course. Wong has five and Williams three and Bona is hitting a ton with no homeruns.

Pitchers? I'll have to go with Hawaii's Sisto over Fresno's Benny as both are starters on good teams. Fresno's much-heralded Poytress has done very well but needs to work on his control a bit.

Nevada Batting Avg At Bats
  Nick Melino
.346 78 AB
  Michael Turay .310 58 AB
  Pitching ERA Inns Pitched
  Jayson McClaren 4.08 17.2

Sacramento State Batting Avg At Bats

Justin Lamb .257 101
  Aaron Crouch .262 65
  Pitching ERA Inns Pitched
  Jesse Darrah 6.00 42

Fresno State Batting Avg At Bats
  Ryan Allgrove .250 32
  Trent Garrison .250 32
  Brennan Gowens .278 97
  Dusty Robinson .253 83 2 HR
  Kenny Wise .271 59 2 HR
  Pitching ERA Inns Pitched
  Tom Harlan 2.00 9
  Josh Poytress 2.91 21
  Taylor Garrison 3.32 19
  Derek Benny 4.46 34

San Jose State Batting Avg At Bats
  Anthony Bona .390 41
  Michael Reiling .273 33
  Josh Silver 429 21
  Pitching ERA Inns Pitched
  Esteban Guzman 1.69 5

Louisana Tech Batting Avg At Bats

Alex Williams .289 90 - 3 HR
  Mark Threlkeld .316 38
  Pitching ERA Inns Pitched
  Jeb Stefan 6.75 36
  Mike Jefferson 8.42 25
  Graham Meyers 6.35 17

New Mexico State Batting Avg At Bats

Jonathan Rodriguez .429 Limited action
  Pitching ERA Inns Pitched
  Scott Coffman 2.16 8
  Justin Cooper 5.40 15

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