Spring Practice Photo Gallery - The Coaches

In this photo gallery from the 2009 San Jose State Football Spring Practice, we take a look at the coaches. Most people only get to see them roaming the sidelines during games. Inside Sparta takes you into practice. Time to strap it on!

Since the only glimpse of coaching most people view is during the games, it's easy to set aside the fact that these men are also teachers, and their classroom is the practice field. Just as with their academic counterparts there are lessons to be learned, tests to be taken, and books to be read. Only the terminology is changed.

On the academic side it's professor. On the field it's coach. In the classroom it's a textbook. In the film room it's a playbook. There are mid-terms and finals to gauge progress during a semester. College football holds their tests every Saturday (or Friday, Thursday, and now Wednesday). In the end it's two sides of the same coin.

And there's even more beyond the practice field. College coaches spend hours reviewing film looking for that one crack in an opponents arsenal.

One major difference between the academic side of teaching and that of coach, is that in order for a student to attend a class he or she must sign up and attend. In college football there is recruiting. Coaches spend countless hours on the road and on the phones attempting to lure the talent they seek to attend their classroom. Often their targets venture elsewhere.

San Jose State head coach Dick Tomey has put together an impressive staff. Eight of the nine coaches on the staff played Division 1A (Now Football Bowl Subdivision) football. Three spent time in the NFL.

Inside Sparta gives you a glimpse into just one rarely seen aspect of coaching - practice.

San Jose State head coach Dick Tomey has been one of the most successful coaches in college football
Tight-ends coach Brent Brennan played wide receiver for UCLA from 1991-1995
Defensive coordinator Keith Burns played for the University of Arkansas from 1980-1982. He also coaches the defensive backs
Offensive coordinator Steve Morton played for Washington State in 1973 and 1974. He also coaches the offensive line
Defensive line coach Joe Salave'a played for Dick Tomey at Arizona from 1993-1997. He also spent nine seasons in the NFL
Defensive ends coach Kinji Green spent four years starting in the defensive line for the Spartans from 2002-2005
Quarterback coach Terry Malley played for Santa Clara from 1972-1976. He also spent 14 years coaching with the San Jose SaberCats, nine as offensive coordinator
Running backs coach Charles Nash played at Arizona from 1974-1976. He also spent two season in the NFL
Wide-receivers coach Ken Margerum played at Stanford from 1977-1980. He also spend nine years in the NFL. He was a member of the Super Bowl XX winning Chicago Bears

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