Jalal carries on the Beauchman tradition

Jalal Beauchman sat out most of last season with an ankle injury. The son of former San Jose State basketball player Leon Beauchman is back and looking to be one of the main go-to guys for the Spartans passing attack. The big wideout spoke about coming back from the layoff, and carrying on the family legacy at SJSU

San Jose State wide receiver Jalal Beauchman suffered an ankle injury prior to the Hawai'i game last season that eventually kept him on the sidelines for the entire season. After the first full-contact scrimmage of the 2009 Spring Practice session he talked about the journey back.

"There's a little learning curve because I was out for a good couple months," Beauchman said. "First thing was to get back in shape in the weight room. Once I did that, I kind of picked up and did a few drills. It just takes a couple of days when you get back into it. But it's fun. It's fun to be back out here. I'm excited."

If he stays healthy this season the 6-foot-4, 220-pound Beauchman should be one of the main weapons in what looks to be a very potent Spartan receiving corps. "We have great coaching so," he said. "We have all the talent and (the coaches) can mold them into good receivers. It's good to know that if anyone goes down you have just as good a player backing you up. It also makes you better because competition always makes everyone in the whole wideout corps better."

San Jose State wide receiver Jalal Beauchman looks to be one of the main targets in 2009 for SJSU quarterbacks
New quarterbacks coach Terry Malley will be calling the offensive plays this season for the Spartans. Beauchman said he now has more flexibility in making decisions on the field than in the past. "Coach Malley will give the receiver an option of adjusting your route to get to the open spot," he said. "Last year I felt like we were a little clamped. We were restricted in what the receivers could do, as far as making plays."

Beauchman said he feels the offense is much farther along than it was at this point last season. He gives credit for that to the return of most of the offensive line. "They are much improved," he said. "Most of them are coming back from last year, and that just helps out the running game." The son of former SJSU basketball player Leon Beauchman didn't grow up as a fan of the Spartans. "Not really, to be honest," he said. "I was a basketball fan and Michael Jordan was the big guy. So I was a (North Carolina) Tar Heels fan."

However, things have changed. "Coming here, knowing that I have a little bit of culture here, that kind of was refreshing," he said. "It's good that San Jose State has a history of having Beauchmans in athletics and it's good to carry on that tradition."

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