Photo Gallery - April 17 Spring Practice

For those who can't attend the 2009 San Jose State Football Spring Practice, Inside Sparta continues to bring you photos from each practice session. Here is our first gallery from the April 17 session.

It was another beautiful afternoon at the Spartan Practice facility as the team headed out for the ninth session of the 2009 Spring Football Practice.

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The San Jose State football team prepares for another workout
SJSU head coach Dick Tomey is very involved in the practices
The defensive backs going through drills
The defensive lineman watch while coach Joe Salave'a demonstrates a drill
The running backs working on proper blocking techniques
Quarterback Chad Bozzo working on his pitch
Juniors Dominique Hunsucker (No. 33) and Marquis Avery (No. 9)
Senior Justin Willis (No. 99) gets the upper hand and coach Salave'a looks on
Offensive coordinator Steve Morton talking to his offensive line
Freshman tight end Kyle Otten (No. 82) and junior linebacker Pompey Festejo (No. 32)

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