John Konye anchors a veteran offensive line

John Konye is one of eight returning players who started at some point on the offensive line for the San Jose State football team in 2009. The junior spoke with Inside Sparta on what the group has been working on in spring practice, new coach Terry Malley, and the big opening game against USC.

The running backs and quarterbacks get all the glory when a big play occurs. Not to take anything away from their skill and ability, but it is the guys in the trenches that make it so the big plays have the time to develop. The offensive line is rarely recognized unless, of course, one of them has a penalty called on them.

One of the main focuses this upcoming season for the San Jose State football team will be the offensive line. After a difficult 2008, the offense as a whole looks for significant improvement after finishing seventh and eighth in passing and rushing offense, respectively, and the line will be a major component of that effort.

Offensive coordinator Steve Morton will be looking to junior John Konye to be one of the leaders of a veteran offensive line that returns eight starters
Offensive tackle John Konye will be a major factor in that improvement. The 6-foot-4, 270-pound junior started 11 games in 2008, and is one of eight returning linemen who started at least one game last season. Having so much experience is already paying dividends in the spring. "We're working together, getting more cohesiveness (as a unit)," Konye said. "That's what we were lacking. We're looking real good."

Konye said one of the problems for the offensive line last season was finishing blocks. He said that one of the main focuses for the lineman in the spring was in making sure everyone finishes. "We're getting a lot of overtime in that area," he said.

One of the factors for improvement in the offense as a whole is the addition of Terry Malley, who will coach the quarterbacks specifically, but have an influence on the offense as a whole in that he will be calling all the offensive plays in the fall. "He brings more intensity," Konye said. "He knows what he's talking about and has a real strong presence. He leads well."

SJSU opens the season on Sept. 5 in Los Angeles against Pac-10 powerhouse USC. Konye is a Southern California native and is looking forward to playing close to home. "I want to get as many tickets as I can," he said. "I want to see a lot of family at the game."

There is no hint of intimidation in Konye's voice as he talks about the opening opponent. "They're a tough team," he said. "But we're also a tough team."

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