Malley brings winning experience to SJSU

Terry Malley admits he wasn't quite certain of the situation when he accepted to job to coach quarterbacks at San Jose State. Injuries had decimated the 2008 offense, but so far this spring he said likes what's been done.

New San Jose State quarterbacks coach Terry Malley spent 14 years coaching professional football players before coming to the Spartans. During his tenure with the San Jose Sabercats of the Arena Football League the team won four league titles. While he was the offensive coordinator the SaberCats won four scoring titles and was runner-up four other times. Prior to his time with the Arena League team he spent eight years as the head coach at Santa Clara University, where his teams were often nationally ranked. Even with so many years coaching at the highest level, Malley hasn't forgotten his roots. "I'm a Division 2 coach," he said. "I don't even forget that so I had a great appreciation when got the opportunity to coach in the pros."

Malley is now a Football Bowl Subdivision (Formerly Division 1-A) coach and is excited about the opportunity to work with younger players. "There is something unique about spotting talent and watching it develop," he said. "To see them grow as a player and as a person is something that is enjoyable. You see them make strides athletically but you also see them become men."

Coming in to the situation at San Jose State was laced with a little uncertainly, Malley said. The injuries from last season on the offensive side of the ball made things difficult to ascertain at first. "I studied the personnel very hard before I took the job," he said. "We have some skilled people in the running back, quarterback, and receiver spots that can do something when the ball is in their hands, so that has been pleasant."

The spring practice session gives the coaches a chance to see which players are healthy and ready to develop, install some of the playbook, and evaluate some of the younger players. However, it is spread out over six weeks, which can make some of the evaluations difficult. "Offense is a repetition and rhythm situation and we don't have a lot of that," he said. "What we've done is every two days we've put in about eight new concepts and we've asked them to retain what we went through before.

"I think they've done a really nice job of answering the challenge to meet the new concepts. We're asking them to think on the run a little bit more than they have in the past and I think they've enjoyed that challenge. Hopefully the concepts that we're teaching on day one tie into the concepts that come in on day nine and you're starting to see a little bit of that."

Malley added that he feels fortunate to be coming into this season after a new offense was implemented last year. "We had a opportunity in the off-season to look at the system that was put in and say this fits our personnel and this doesn't," he said. "I look at myself as being the beneficiary of coming in the second year because we're a little but healthier than they were a year ago. I'm hoping that all the stars line up right and I hit it at the right time."

As far as the quarterback situation is concerned, Malley wasn't ready to name a standout, let alone a starter. He said he is happy with all four quarterbacks and went so far as to say that senior Kyle Reed is making great improvements, but two have made great strides during the practices. "I was excited about Chad Bozzo starting to assert himself back into the program a little bit and that's been a positive," he said. "Jordan La Secla has taken a nice jump in the spring. I've seen improvement in all four over the nine days of practice and all four can contribute right now, which is a positive."

The new quarterbacks coach has a very defined strategy for getting his signal-callers prepared for game-day. "The quarterback has to play the game with confidence. If you don't play with confidence you can't be successful," he said. "What I like to do is put them in the tough situations at practice and have answers for them so that when they end up playing in the game they've seen all those situations."

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