Photo Gallery - April 24 Spring Practice

The 2009 San Jose State spring football practice session is winding down. Friday was the final weekday workout and Inside Sparta brings you another photo gallery of the event.

Senior quarterback Kyle Reed (No. 7) will be protected this fall by senior offensive tackle Jon Moreno (No. 59) and junior offensive guard Isaac Leatiota (No. 72)
Freshman Raymond Rodriguez works out with defensive line coach Joe Salave'a
Junior offensive guard Ailao Eliapo (No. 73) during blocking drills
Former San Jose State football coach John Ralston
Junior linebacker Braden Storaasli (No. 56) and freshman linebacker Raymond Rodriguez (No. 46)
The offensive line going through warm-ups
Senior wide receiver Kevin Jurovich (No. 6) goes up for a pass
Senior quarterback Chad Bozzo (No. 5) throws to sophomore wide receiver Josh Harrison (No .1)
Spartans receivers were having a difficult day holding on to the ball
San Jose State quarterbacks coach Terry Malley running a "ball control" drill

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