SoCal QB Stops by SJSU and is Impressed

After a slew of visits to Northern California schools, quarterback Brian Blechen of Moorpark (Calif) High School decided to drop by San Jose State. What he saw impressed him enough to put the Spartans on his list of schools in which he's interested. He spoke with Inside Sparta about the visit.

Quarterback Brian Blechen was on a tour of colleges in Northern California when he decided to pop in to San Jose State to check out what they had going on. What he saw impressed him. "I really liked the size of the weight room," he said. "I talked to the weight training coach and really like the way he explained how they did things. I didn't know it would be that nice."

Blechen had stopped by UC Davis, Cal, and Stanford before heading for SJSU. However, two schools outside the region made the biggest impression on the rising senior. "Nebraska was big, and red," he said. "Everyone was so nice, and they really love football there. I was there for the spring game and it was amazing." He added that the Cornhusker staff that they had offered several other quarterbacks, but none had committed so they would like to stay in touch with him.

The other school could be cause for concern for Spartan fans. "Nevada was really nice," he said. "I spent two days there and really got to see a lot. We met with coach (Scott) Baumgartner and he toured us around for three or four hours."

Football wasn't the only thing about Nevada that impressed Blechen. "It looked like the quality of the academic was high," he said. "Everything they had was there to help the students."

Blechen plans on keeping busy this summer. He'll attend the Scout Combine at LA Harbor College on May 30, then he plans on hitting the road again for summer camps at Nebraska, Nevada, Boise State, Utah, and Oregon. "I haven't decided which California schools I'll camp at," he said. "Maybe Cal and UCLA. I've been emailing the coaches at San Jose State so if I hear back from them I'd like to come up for their camp."

While it's early in the recruiting process for the Southern California signal-caller, and no offers are yet on the table, he does have a solid top list. "Nebraska, Nevada, Utah, and Boise State are the four schools I've talked to and emailed the most," he said. "After that it's probably Oregon, UCLA, and San Jose State." The 6-foot-2, 205-pound Blechen said he showed up unannounced to SJSU and that the coaches were busy with other duties. He said he did get a chance to walk around the campus and talk to an academic adviser. "I'm definitely going to be considering San Jose State," he said.

Blechen reports a 3.3 grade-point average and said he scored a 1910 on the SAT, which he may take again. He said he'd like to major in some type of business. As for his plans on making a decision once the offers start coming in. "I'm in no hurry," he said. "I still have my senior year to play and I want to make sure I make the right choice."

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