The Week in WAC Baseball

Three games were played during the week on WAC baseball. Inside Sparta takes a look at the results, along with commentary on San Jose State's 9-8 loss to Stanford on Tuesday.

Tuesdays Games:

Hawai'i 10 Saint Marys 3

This game featured no home runs by the Gaels standout freshman Troy Channing. There were no home runs by anyone, for that matter. It did feature a starter for Saint Marys who lasted only one out in getting the loss. He gave up three runs in his brief outing. The score was 31 going into the top of the eighth inning when the Rainbows broke it open by scoring two in the eighth and five in the ninth. Kolten Wong got the winning hit in the first inning with a base-loaded clearing double for his only hit of the day. It was enough. Saint Marys never really threatened in this game as Hawaii wins going away. 204 fans watched this game.

Stanford 9 San Jose State 8

I attended this game so I need to say some things that are not really game-related. Stanfords Sunken Diamond is a nice place to play baseball as well as watch. I attended on a media pass (who, me?) so I got to sit in the press box if I wanted. Good view so I chose to sit in there. At first I felt like Daniel in the lions den but I got talking with a few Stanford people and found out theyre people just like us, and they were truly impressed with the Spartans. Their main comments were based on all the high batting averages for the boys in blue.

The game started and, before too long, it was 71 in the Spartans favor. The big hit, of course, was Kyle Bellows impressive three-run home run into the trees. The Spartans got plenty of hitting fourteen in all. As the game progressed I got the feeling they were missing some opportunities to put this one in the win column, and it turned out I was right. Stanford kept adding a run here and a run there and the Spartans kept leaving men on base or running into an out.

A telling stat is one called left-on-base (LOB). The Spartans had 12 and Stanford had 7. This game was just the whole year in retrospect. The ninth inning especially was disappointing. Corey Valine leads off and hits a home run to get it close. The Spartans just couldnt get the big hit (other than Bellows HR) and the pitching couldnt hold the opposition. Breyon Canez then pinch-hit and worked a no out walk. This was a good start to a winning rally. Man on first and no outs. Next three batters failed to get it out of the infield, and the game was over. Max Peterson started and pitched one inning. He looked a little wild but calmed down and got through his inning without giving up any runs. I cant say that about the rest of the pitchers. Next time the game is at our place.

Thursday Game:

Fresno State 17 Hawaii 9

The kickoff for the weekend in WAC baseball started Thursday with the Rainbows taking on the Bulldogs in Fresno and getting hammered. They have now lost six WAC games in a row. An eight-run inning will do that to you. Interesting thing about Hawaii is that because of their relatively high RPI they are still the darlings of the WAC and many folks have them as the only WAC entrant in the NCAA Tournament. I think being the host team for the WAC tournament might have something to do with that also. Nevada is getting a little recognition lately but both San Jose State and New Mexico State are ignored.

Lets get back to this game. Pitching was not the name of this game as both starters were hit hard and often. Fresnos Matt Morse lasted seven innings and learned a lot about the stretch position as he gave up nine runs (eight earned) on 13 hits. That kind of line usually gets you nothing but in college baseball it can get you a win and Morse walked away the winner. No Rainbow pitcher walked away with anything but bruises on their ERAs. A Hawaii error in the Fresno State eight-run fourth inning was devastating as it apparently opened the flood gates for the Bulldogs.

Both teams were hitting but Fresno received nine walks to three for Hawaii which may have counted some in the run discrepancy. Hawaii freshmen Kolten Wong got his ninth home run as did Fresno States Dusty Robinson as he went 4-for-5 with five RBIs. The Mutts Brennan Gowens was another hitting star as he went 2-for-5 and three RBIs. Fewer fans than usual showed up for this game. Only (only?) 1921 fans watched the Bulldogs continue as the most enigmatic team in the WAC. Are they good or are they bad? The rest of the weekend might settle that question.

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