QB Blackman Back in the Game. SJSU Interested

Quarterback Dominique Blackman was one of the top signal callers out of high school when he signed with Washington in Feb. 2008. However, a coaching move at UDub changed everything. Now at Harbor College in Southern California, Blackman is once again going through the recruiting process. He's been hearing from the San Jose State staff

Coming out of Carson High School, Dominique Blackman reports he had 27 offers from schools across the country. Washington won the services of the coveted quarterback when he signed in February of 2008. He was ineligible to play for the Husky's in the fall of 2008 due to grade issues, then the coach that recruited him - Tyrone Willingham - was told in October of that year that his contract would not be renewed. Washington hired former USC coach Steve Sarisian to replace Willingham and the new staff had other ideas for Blackman. He's not shy about his experience.

"Man, at Washington I felt like I got screwed," he said. "I was recruited as a quarterback - I can play QB at that level - and then the coaches tell me that they want me to play tight end. But that's all in the past and I'm looking ahead now."

Now at Harbor College in Wilmington, Calif., the 6-foot-5, 250-pound Blackman reports the he has received offers from several lower division schools, but has his heart set at making it at the top level. He may achieve his dream as he received his first Football Bowl Subdivision (formerly Division 1-A).

"Iowa State called me yesterday and offered me a scholarship to come play for them in December," he said. "They're my first big one. I have a lot of D-1AA and Division II schools, but I don't want to play at that level. I'm good enough to play with the big boys and I want to play in from of 70,000-plus people."

Blackman said that San Jose State is one of the schools that is recruiting him, though the Spartans have yet to offer. Blackman played high school ball with current Spartan Phillip Knight.

"San Jose State is supposed to be coming by my school sometime next week," he said. "I've been in contact with them after what happened at Washington. Phillip is trying to get me up there so we'll see."

However, all suitors are waiting in line behind Blackman's favorite - UCLA.

"My dream school is UCLA. If they offer me I'm going to commit right there," he said. "They offered me out of high school and I was stupid not to take it. By the time I was ready they had already taken Nick Crissman. But with their quarterback situation I know I could come in and compete."

Another big-time program that Blackman reports is interested is Tennessee. He said they told him that there are two other quarterbacks they are going to evaluate before making a decision on whom to offer.

Blackman said that minus a UCLA offer, he will wait until at least December to make his decision.

"The process is picking up for me," he said. "It (the recruiting process) is so much different in junior college than in high school. Some schools don't take transfers so they aren't even interested. But I learned a lot and I'll wait until it's done and I feel right.

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