Spartan Stadium Improvement Plans

San Jose State Director of Athletics Tom Bowen is taking advantage of lower constructions costs due to the stagnant economy to implement some ambitious plans for Spartan Stadium. The north end zone could look significantly different.

When Inside Sparta spoke last with San Jose State Director of Athletics Tom Bowen about his plans for upgrading Spartan Stadium beyond the installation of the new Field Turf, he said the plans called for a $40 million infusion that included a special end zone project.

Bowen told Street and Smith's SportsBusiness Journal that the plans call for a three-story hospitality and football support structure in the [north] end zone.

That part of the upgrades will cost approximately $8 million, according to Bowen. He said he has people interested in supporting the funding of the project, but wouldn't name anyone.

"It's been a very quiet campaign," he said.

An artists conception of the tapestry on the walls of Spartan Stadium
The 20,000 square-foot structure would contain 300 outdoor club seats, and indoor lounge, and suites for the athletic director and university president. One positive of the current status of the economy is that the estimated cost of the end zone expansion has dropped by about $2 million.

Bowen told Inside Sparta that the facility will also include memoribilia donated by the late Spartan great Bill Walsh.

Further plans call for a replacement of the current speaker system and replacement of the portable Jumbotron with a larger - and permanent - version.

Also, negotiations are underway for the installment of the wall tapestry first seen by members of Inside Sparta. It must be noted that nothing has been approved at this time, but talks are underway.

If you would like to help the SJSU athletic department reach its funding goals, please contact Associate Athletic Director John Poch at 408-924-1739.

Publisher's Note: This story has been corrected. The renovations will occur in the north endzone per the SJSU athletic department. The Sports Business Journal incorrectly stated the south endzone would be the location of the new structure.

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