Provost in Shrine Game: Men and Women Vs SMU

In the world of Spartan Sports today, Mens and Womens hoops both play SMU, and Spartan lineman Tim Provost is playing in the East-West Shrine game at Pac Bell Park this afternoon.

Spartan Fans,

There are many things happeneing in the land of "Sparta Sports" today! It's an all day affair if you have the time.

Below is a schedule of todays Mens and Womens hoops games being played.

We are also providing today's article via Ron Bergman on Spartan lineman Tim Provost who is playing in the East-West Shrine game at Pac Bell Park this afternoon.

Go Spartans and beat SMU!

Go Tim Provost and win the MVP award like Deonce Whitaker did at the East-West Shrine game!

SOUTHERN METHODIST (5-7, 0-2 WAC) AT SJSU (3-9, 0-3), 7 p.m. at Event Center:

The Mustangs, 0-7 on the road, could be good medicine for San Jose State, which endured its seventh loss in a row Thursday.

Radio: KSJS (90.5), KTOM (1380).

Internet audio at by clicking on the "Yahoo! SJSU Hoops Audio" link on the front of the site.

SJSU (6-6, 2-1 WAC) AT SOUTHERN METHODIST (7-5, 1-1), noon:

After getting stomped 83-38 by Louisiana Tech, the Spartans are hoping to rebound against the inconsistent Mustangs. SMU hasn't won back-to-back games since November.

Internet audio for the womens game may also be heard at by clicking on the "Yahoo! SJSU Hoops Audio" link on the front of the site.

San Jose State lineman eager to play game


By Ron Bergman of the San Jose Mercury News

To San Jose State's Tim Provost and the other players on the Pacific Bell Park field today for the 78th annual East-West Shrine Game, this is an audition for the pros.

To the disabled children in the Shrine Hospital in Sacramento, it's a chance to root for the player who gave them an autograph on the visit Monday.

To television, the game is product, something to fill in the ESPN space before the NFL conference semifinals begin on the over-the-air networks. And the contract with ESPN calls for the Shrine Game telecast to end before the pros begin. This could mean letting the clock run in the second half on out-of-bounds plays and incompletions, giving the game an arena league cast.

``There are some TV time constraints,'' Jack Hart, the game's executive director, said Friday. ``It will be our objective to get the game on and off in three hours, or very shortly after three hours.

``If the game is running on and on and on, and there's no impact on the outcome, we might run the clock in the second half, not stop the clock for first downs, things like that. If the integrity of the game would be affected -- and it's going to be a fiercely contested game -- then if it runs over, it runs over. I'm not going to do anything to interfere with the integrity of the game.''

There are other restraints on the way the game is played. Teams aren't allowed to stunt to block kicks. And there's no blitzing, which means Provost, an offensive lineman, didn't have to learn intricate blocking schemes in only one week of practice.

It has been tough enough for Provost, who is trying to position himself for the draft or at least a look-see via free agency or in mini-camp.

``It's definitely pretty stressful because you feel like you're being constantly watched,'' Provost said. ``And you are.''

Provost said six NFL teams have interviewed him extensively. He has filled out so many questionnaires for other teams that he can't remember how many. The questions get personal, too. Any arrests? Any history of drug use? Any children? What's your driver's license number so, once we get a waiver from you, we can check to see if you've been involved in any accidents or drunken-driving incidents.

``I'm clean,'' Provost said with a laugh. ``It's a huge interview process. But for someone from a small school like mine, it's a way of getting my name out and give the NFL teams a chance to sit down and get to know me.

``As soon as I walked into the hotel last Saturday afternoon, they started grabbing me and giving me all sorts of tests -- IQ tests, personality tests, analytical tests. You don't really understand it until you're here how much you're under the microscope.''

Provost's highlight came Wednesday when all the players stripped to their shorts, got on a stage in a hotel ballroom, and were weighed and measured while nearly 100 scouts and team officials looked on. This turned out well for Provost, who weighed in at 298 pounds instead of 287 listed on the roster sheets.

``It was like a beauty pageant,'' said Provost.

Provost hasn't been invited to the NFL combine in Indianapolis or other all-star games. That's all right for Provost, who has wanted to be an NFL player since his uncle, Mark Boyer, a former USC tight end, used to invite him into the locker room when Boyer played for the Indianapolis Colts and New York Jets.

``I've got four more classes to get my degree,'' Provost said. ``That's pretty important to me. I'm going to start personal workouts Monday, and there will be private workouts for NFL scouts who want to come down to San Jose.''

It hasn't been all exam week. The players toured Alcatraz, which Provost had seen before. And the trip to the hospital had impact.

``That was an awesome experience to go up there and see what the game is being played for,'' Provost said. ``We signed autographs and played with the kids.''

The "West" Roster:

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. School 1 Quintin Mikell S 5-10 206 Boise State 2 Kareem Kelly WR 6-0 190 USC 3 Jason Thomas QB 6-4 235 UNLV 4 Donald Strickland DB 5-10 180 Colorado 5 Hanik Milligan S 6-3 215 Houston 6 Aaron Hunt DL 6-2 262 Texas Tech 7 Jason Johnson QB 6-2 215 Arizona 8 Kerry Carter RB 6-2 235 Stanford 9 Ricky Manning Jr. DB 5-9 181 UCLA 11 Sultan McCullough RB 6-0 190 USC 12 Justin Gage WR 6-4 210 Missouri 13 Mike Barth K 6-1 217 Arizona 15 Keenan Howry WR 5-10 170 Oregon 16 J.R. Tolver WR 6-2 205 San Diego State 17 Juston Wood QB 6-1 205 Portland State 19 Nate Fikse P 5-9 189 UCLA 21 Dennis Weathersby DB 6-1 210 Oregon State 24 Nnamdi Asomugha DB 6-2 210 Cal 28 Wes Crawley DB 6-0 190 Air Force 31 Malaefou MacKenzie RB 5-11 225 USC 33 Casey Moore FB 6-2 250 Stanford 34 Brandon Drumm FB 6-2 230 Colorado 38 Terrance Kiel S 5-11 201 Texas A&M 41 Ben Mahdavi LB 6-2 235 Washington 42 Nick Barnett LB 6-2 220 Oregon State 43 Jarrod Penright LB 6-2 228 Texas A&M 44 David Moretti LB 6-1 235 Oregon 48 Tully Banta-Cain DL 6-4 260 Cal 51 Lawrence Flugence LB 6-2 244 Texas Tech 54 Chris Brown LB 6-1 255 Hawaii 59 Tim Provost OL 6-6 287 San Jose State Spartans 64 Scott Tercero OL 6-5 290 Cal 65 Mike Saffer OL 6-5 304 UCLA 68 Zach Butler OL 6-3 292 Iowa State 69 Morgan Pears OL 6-8 309 Colorado State 72 Rodney Michael OL 6-4 300 Fresno State 73 Robbie Doane OL 6-6 315 Texas 77 Derrick Roche OL 6-6 296 Washington State 78 Justin Bates OL 6-4 295 Colorado 79 Makoa Freitas OL 6-4 295 Arizona 80 Nate Burleson WR 6-2 187 Nevada 84 Kevin Ware TE 6-3 255 Washington 89 Spencer Nead TE 6-5 262 Brigham Young 90 Nick Burley DL 6-4 250 Fresno State 92 Daniel Nwangwu DL 6-4 290 Cal 94 Akbar Gbaja-Biamila DL 6-5 275 San Diego State 97 Tyler Brayton DL 6-6 270 Colorado 98 Matt Leonard DL 6-4 299 Stanford 99 Eric Manning DL 6-1 297 Oregon State


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