State Budget Crunch Affects SJSU Scheduling

San Jose State had the new recently installed Field Turf paid for from State funds. However, with impending budget cuts on the horizon, that source of revenue may all but disappear. However, the SJSU athletic department is being proactive about filling the gaps through scheduling and other sources. Changes include moving the 2010 Stanford game in order to play Alabama.

Rumors have been swirling since a 2010 date with the University of Alabama was reported by ESPN. However, a high-ranking member of the San Jose State athletic department said that reports of a definite 2010 opponent are premature.

"There will be a schedule change in 2010," the source reported. "But nothing is finalized."

Publisher's Note: When Inside Sparta spoke with our source we were told that the Stanford game would be moved and replaced with Alabama, but that nothing was signed. Stanford pays SJSU $200,000 for the visit up the Penninsula, compared to around $1 million from Alabama. John Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News confirmed today in his blog that he was also told the Alabama game will replace Stanford.
br> During an earlier Inside Sparta interview San Jose State Director of Athletics Tom Bowen said one of his scheduling goals was to attract marquis opponents with a two-for-one contract, whereby SJSU would play two games at the opponents venue with one return visit to Spartan Stadium. Our source confirmed that talks are underway with a BCS school for just such an arrangement, but negotiations are still underway so no announcement can be made at this time.

It's no secret that the San Jose State athletic department in general, and the football program in particular, operate on a shoestring budget. While other programs can boast of 10, 20, even 50 large financial contributors to their football and other athletic programs, SJSU can count theirs on one hand. So, the program must turn to multiple sources of revenue.

"The funding cuts that will be coming down from the state will be unlike anything we've seen," our source said. "We have to find alternative ways to fund the football program and we have three ways in which we're doing so. We call this the 'Tripod Approach'"

The three legs of the tripod are:

  • Non-conference scheduling
  • Gate revenues [ticket sales]
  • Private philanthropy [donations]

The athletic department is working with head football coach Dick Tomey to find ways of replacing the funding cuts that will be coming down, and our source said they've been working for 10 weeks on getting the word out, and feel as though they will keep the football program on the affirmative path.

"There are 75,000 alumni in San Jose alone," our source said. "There are 175,000 alumni in the Bay Area. We are being proactive about getting them involved in SJSU football. We need to get people to the stadium, and building a solid program and scheduling quality teams is one of the ways we're doing it.

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