Scott Gadway Scholastic Athletic Center Unveiled

The Scott Gadway Scholastic Athletic Center was un-veiled last saturday night in front of Spartan Alumni, the Gadway Family, Coach Fitz Hill, and numerous other Spartan Boosters from the community.

It's here!

The official un-veiling of the "Scott Gadway Academic Athletic Center" happened last saturday night at the Simpkins Center next to Spartan Stadium.

Over 200 supporters attended the gala event that featured speakers to include SJSU athletic director, Chuck Bell, his associate, John Glass, a few Spartan football players, and Stan and Marilyn Gadway.

Stan Gadway is the current Spartan Foundation President, and along with his lovely wife, Marilyn, they together made the dream of the academic center a reality.

Now many current athletes have a place to call "home" in order to achieve a grade point average that they can write home about.

Not only is this new center a tool for current athletes, but it will also send a message to those student athletes who are looking at bringing their talents to SJSU that the athletic department is serious about fostering their academic accomplishments while at SJSU.

In the picture above is Stan and Marilyn Gadway during the un-veiling of a portrait of their son, Scott Gadway. Many of Scott's fraternity brothers of the Sigma Chi Fraternity (1988-91) were there to give their support as well. Those included brothers Brad Pirtle, James Chung, Larry Morton and son "Scotty", Stan Gadway, Marilyn Gadway, Grant Bannon, and Anthony Rocca.

Scott was an aeronautics major at SJSU, and graduated in 1991. Scott was an avid SJSU sports fan, and was a member of the SJSU campus community in many facets.

The dedication of the academic center is "something Scott would be proud to have his name encrested upon" stated his father and Spartan Foundation president, Stan Gadway.

Many other Spartan backers were at the event as well to include numerous members of the immediate Gadway family, Spartan QB Club president Joe Griego, Lou-Ann Griego, Gayle Kludt, Phyllis Simpkins, Coach Fitz Hill, and other departments from the SJSU community.

If you have some time, drop by the Simpkins Center and check out this new facility, as it is something all "Spartans" can be proud to be associated with!

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