Spartan Army organizes to increase attendance!

The Spartan Army is a group of men and women volunteers who all share the same interest in the success of San Jose State Spartan Football. Join the Spartan Army, and help fill Spartan Stadium!

The Spartan Army Marches!

The Spartan Army is a group of men and women volunteers who all share the same interest in the success of San Jose State Spartan Football. The group's charter is to combine our efforts and do all that we can to increase attendance at Spartan football games – with the ultimate goal of filling Spartan Stadium.

The group is independent yet connected. It's not affiliated with any existing San Jose State organization. But Josh Francois, Assistant Athletics Director / Marketing for SJSU is a member of the Spartan Army and attends all the meetings.

There are over 30 members to-date coming from all different walks of life. And more people are joining every week. Our short-term goal is to have representatives of all key constituencies represented – the student body, business community, alumni base and many more.

Our first meeting focused on determining the mission of our group, which turned out to be increasing attendance. We also had an excellent discussion with Coach Hill. He stayed for an hour, sharing his vision of the program and answered questions. He is going to attend all meetings that he possibly can. We also worked out the logistics of meeting frequency, structure and more.

The second meeting was an all-out brainstorming session. How can we really make a difference on increasing attendance? The suggestions fell into the following groups:

Stadium Atmosphere and Activity:

This is everything around and about the stadium. Tailgating, gameday promotions, entertainment, cheerleader location, Krazy George and lots more.


Plenty of issues and suggestions here – everything from pricing to location.


Spartan Football is a year-round part of the community. Promoting the Spring Game, being visible at community events such as Music in the Park and the Garlic Festival and conducting on-campus rallies. General promotions such as getting the word out and motivating on-campus groups to attend, promoting in downtown San Jose. These and much more.

Branding and Advertising:

It all starts with a survey of who currently does and DOESN'T attend games. Who are they and why do they or don't they? We need a marketing slogan for the upcoming season. Getting the word out to the alumni, community and other groups who may attend. Utilizing strong public relations efforts. And more.

"Other" Bucket:

The group has to be realistic about what we can and can't do. But we don't give up easy. Funding a new Jumbotron or changing the turf are ideas outside our mission and our ability to make an impact, but we want to make sure these get elevated to the appropriate people.

How do you join?

Bob Cantu: can provide the information you need to join the Spartan Army and start helping with our cause. It doesn't matter where you are – we've got members from across the country. Our hope is to have a conference calling service at our next meeting so EVERYONE can contribute directly.

There is also still time to include your ideas. Please send them to Bob as soon as possible. Our next meeting will focus on culling down the massive list of ideas, prioritizing, and beginning implementation. So get your thoughts in now. An awful lot of people have sent Bob ideas over the past couple weeks. Keep them coming!

The next meeting is on January 21st at 7 p.m. The location is still being finalized. We will be posting details as soon as we have them.

We will make a difference!

The Army is marching!

Are you in or not?

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