San Jose State Schedule Changes and Updates

Inside Sparta spoke on Thursday with a high-ranking member of the San Jose State athletic department who confirmed that the 2010 SJSU football schedule will once again be altered. Also, there are talks nearing completion that will bring several BCS Conference schools to Spartan Stadium.

It's no secret that the State of California is in a fiscal mess. Budget cuts will remove millions of dollars from the coffers of university's across the state, including San Jose State. However, head football coach Dick Tomey and athletic director Tom Bowen have been hard at work adjusting the football schedules to not only bring in more capital from away games, but in bringing quality opponents to Spartan Stadium. Opponents that will attract fans and attract the attention of the community. The 2010 schedule has already been changed with the replacement of Stanford with Alabama. There's been one more change.

"Instead of playing Arizona State we'll be going to Wisconsin on Sept. 11, 2010," said our source. "With the Alabama and Wisconsin games we'll bring in about $1.9 million. All the money goes into the football program to keep it going."

There are also discussions in the works to bring several BCS Conference schools to Spartan Stadium.

"We're finalizing schedules with Army, Colorado, Minnesota, and Iowa State," our source said. "Army will be a two-and-two, Colorado will be a home-and-home, Minnesota is a two-for-one where SJSU will play two there and they'll come to Spartan Stadium for one game. Iowa State would also be a home-and-home series."

He added that details should be available soon, including dates and financial information. One thing that was stressed is that the main purpose of these changes is to create a sound financial base for football and remove any talk of eliminating the program. Prior to Bowen coming onboard in 2004 speculation was rampant that football at San Jose State would be dropped.

One game that is confirmed is that UCLA will be an away game in 2011. Financial details of that game are not available at this time.

The idea, our source continued, in scheduling these types of games is to get people in the stands at Spartan Stadium.

"Our coaches and players are very excited about playing these kinds of games," he said. "This is all a testament to Dick Tomey and Tom Bowen. The reputation of this program has changed drastically since they took over. We're now a great opponent."

The program is relying on a three-pronged approach to keeping it financially viable. Home attendance, away game guarantees, and donor support. With the economy in such dire straits private donations are declining. The guarantees are in the works so the remaining focus is getting people into Spartan Stadium. That means bringing in high-quality names.

Unfortunately those names do not include any Bay Area schools. Both Stanford and Cal refuse to come to Spartan Stadium. Talks with Cal are no longer on the horizon, according to our source, and while SJSU still has Stanford on the schedule for the remaining games in the series, that can always change.

"Bowen did not want to drop Stanford," the source said. "He just felt he couldn't pass on the opportunity to stabilize our financial situation."

As a result the program will not feel the bite of the budget cuts being handed down that would have affected the program for 2010 and 2011.

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