Further Spartan Stadium Improvements

With the new Field Turf installed in Spartan Stadium, focus is now turned towards further upgrades to the home of San Jose State football and soccer. SJSU Director of Athletics Tom Bowen gives Inside Sparta the latest on Stadium plans. Also, an exciting Spartan sports day is in the works for Nov. 28.

The installation of Field Turf in Spartan Stadium has given the San Jose State football program a huge bump in the ability to attract top programs to visit SJSU. Final discussions are now in place to bring in BCS Conference programs.

"The (Field) Turf is helping us a lot," SJSU Director of Athletics Tom Bowen said. "Teams now know there won't be a repeat of the games against Hawai'i where the field was a mess."

However, upgrades will not stop with the new turf. The big screen used last season will return.

"We secured the funding and appropriate sponsorship to bring back the video board," Bowen said.

With the return of the board, however, one much-anticipated improvement will be placed on hold.

"We decided to hold off on the stadium wall mural this year," Bowen said. "We needed to make a choice between that and the board and we went with the board. The mural could be up in 2010."

One major remaining improvement that is on the top of the priority list for the athletic department is replacing the sound system in Spartan Stadium.

"We are now actively seeking a donor to replace the sound system," Bowen said. "We realize from talking to many people that this is something that needs to be done soon."

One thing that can help with funding is people buying tickets and coming to the games. One part of the three-pronged approach the department is taking towards funding is increased tickets sales. Bringing in quality opponents will certainly help but the athletic department is also making it easier for fans to afford attending games.

"We haven't raised ticket prices," Bowen said. "On top of that we've lowered the cost of parking by $5.00."

On another scheduling note the athletic department is in the process of creating a Spartan sports doubleheader for the November 28 weekend.

"We're now talking with the UOP about playing us in basketball on the 28th," Bowen said. "It will be an early game and we'll arrange shuttle buses to get people from the Events Center to Spartan Stadium for the New Mexico State football game."

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