More Photos from First Day of Camp

More photos from the first day of the 2009 San Jose State football fall camp. Inside Sparta members get a first-look at many of the incoming freshman, including Noel Grigsby, Dasmen Stewart, Ryan Jones, and many others.

Freshman Pierce Burton (left) and Travis Johnson

Junior Ryno Gonzalez (No. 48) and senior Mohamed Marah (No. 26)

Junior Manu Ngatikaura

Offensive Coordinator Steve Morton

Junior transfer Jacob Orth (No. 69) and Anthony Larceval (No. 97)

Junior Marquis Avery

Freshman Chris Hill (No. 29) and Noel Grigsby (No. 32)

Freshman Noel Grigsby

Freshman Dasmen Stewart

Freshman Ryan Jones

Freshman Harrison Waid (No. 10) and senior Matt Wigley (No. 51)

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