Coach Malley on the Opening of Fall Camp

After a recent 2009 San Jose State fall camp session, SJSU quarterbacks coach Terry Malley shared his thoughts on how things are progressing and how the offense is picking up the new scheme.

On how things are going to open camp:
"Well we're [just] days into it, we have a lot of plays in we're moving a lot of people, they're working hard and their mental capacity to handle what we're giving them now has been excellent and there's been some positive things."

On how the players are reacting to the new offense:
"I thought there was very good carryover from the spring to the fall and we've added some concepts that we've built and we've cleaned up some concepts from the spring and the players spend a lot of time asking questions from the time spring ended until now so it's been a good growing experience for us."

On playing USC:
"It's one of the reasons you work out from the last game of last year to now. Everyone wants to know how they compare with one of the best teams in the country and if you have anything to you as an athlete you want to find out and we have some people that feel pretty good about their abilities and they want to see how they stand up and how their teammates stand up."

On the new players:
"We're happy with the new guys. I think there is potential with the new guys but we're [just] into it but I try to avoid the rollercoaster of today; (this) guy's going to be the next Heismann Trophy winner and the next guy can't tie his shoe. So, we're going to be a little more patient with that."

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