QB Kyle Reed Comments on Thursday's Scrimmage

Thursday was the first full-pad scrimmage for the San Jose State football team. Senior quarterback Kyle Reed took time after the practice to talk with the media about the day, and how the competition at quarterback is faring.

Q: What did you think about today's effort, overall?
Kyle Reed: "Today was fun. You know, we finally got to get after it. Go have all the pads on and get after each other. It was fun."

Q: How would you grade your performance today?
Reed: "I did alright. Made a few mistakes. But, all in all I think I did pretty good."

Q: How do think the return of Kevin Jurovich will impact the offense this year?
Reed: "Oh man. That's special right there. He's a great athlete. But, we've got to come together as a whole. We just can't be two players or one player. It's all eleven. So, we're happy that he's back, and we're happy he's going to help us this upcoming season."

Q: How do you compare where you're at now with where you were at this time a year ago?
Reed: "At this point last year I was just getting into it because, as you know, I had broken my foot and I wasn't able to do spring ball. So, I feel a little more polished. A little more experienced. The game has really slowed down for me, and I'm just happy to be out there."

Q: How much did nagging injuries affect your play last year?
Reed: "I thought they affected me a lot. But it comes with the game, and it's just something I have to get over it. I'm happy to be out here now. Strong and healthy."

Q: Where's the quarterback competition at?
Reed: "From what I know it's between me and Jordan. We're pushing each other every step of the way. I'm happy he's pushing me, and I'm pushing him. We have a good relationship, so there's no hostility. We just want the best guy to win the job. We're happy to be out there."

Q: How has Terry Malley helped you at this year?
Reed: "He's just a great person. As you guys know he's a great coach. He's very experienced. He comes from a very good background in football. We're just happy to have him. He breaks down what he wants us specifically to do, which really helps us."

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