Jordan La Secla on Thursday's Scrimmage

Inside Sparta spoke earlier with senior quarterback Kyle Reed about his thoughts on Thursday's full-pad scrimmage. Reed's competition for the starting spot, junior Jordan La Secla, comments on the event and how the battle for the No. 1 QB slot is shaping up in his mind.

Q: What did you think about how the offense did [on Thursday]?
Jordan La Secla: "Today was a good day for us. One thing that we've really been concentrating on is running the ball. The first series we went out there we just drove the ball down the field. That's all offensive line right there. We were able to pass a few times on third down. Convert on those. That was big as well. And then again, that's offensive line, protecting me back there, and the wide receivers making those catches. We had a lot of great plays made by the wide outs today, and our running backs. Pat Perry, today was his first day of full contact today. He scored a touchdown on about his third carry. That's really exciting to see."

Q: How's this camp been for the offense as compared to the past?
La Secla: "Actually, this is our second year of this type of offense. We're kind of in the gun a little more. It's clicking a little bit more now. Coach Malley, he's our new addition. I don't think we could be happier. Everything is going really well. Three's no complaints, and we're finally starting to run the ball. So we can't complain about that. It's exciting.

Q: Were you able to stick around San Jose over the summer and work with the wide receivers?
La Secla: "Yes. Actually this has been my most dedicated summer. I didn't miss a lift all summer. Four days a week. We threw on Wednesdays and Sundays. I feel like out on the field today our chemistry is there. Me and Jalal throw all the time. Me, Kevin, and Terrance, we get out there. We worked all summer. Definitely you can see it transpire out on the field."

Q: How much do you think this offense can improve from last year?
La Secla: "Last year we were really a defensive oriented team, and this next year is going to be real balanced. They're going to rely on us. Having two years in this type of system and a new and improved run game. We're going to pull our end this year. And we're going to put up points, and we're going to keep our defense off the field as much as we can. So, this year is going to be real good. It's going to be fun to watch. I'm excited."

Q: How's the competition between you and Kyle?
La Secla: "The competition, it's been good this year. This is the most competitive it's been. It's back and forth, back and forth. We're trading off with ones. We're both doing the best we can. We want the team to win in the end. Whoever plays, we want to be successful, We have a goal as a team, and whoever leads our team there, congratulations to that man. But, you know, right now it's good. It's fun.

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