Notes From Sept. 8 Press Conference

During his September 8th press conference, San Jose State Head Coach Dick Tomey discussed the postives and negatives coming out of last Saturday's contest at USC. He also looked ahead to this weekend's home opener against the No. 19 Utah Utes.

Comments by San Jose State Head Coach Dick Tomey during his press conference on Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

On the USC game:

"The first 24-25 minutes of the game it was virtually a dead-even game. It's 7 to 3, and we're driving, and we're right in the football game. Obviously the game changed completely from then on. We didn't compete. We were competing very well on offense and defense, and the kicking game until then. At that point, the game just went outside that course. Try as we might, with whatever, we didn't get the job done. I really believe they're some good things to take away from the game. Many things we need to be concerned about. But, I think we've put that to rest. We've put that behind us."

"We've watched all of their tapes. There were a lot of games that they played where it was a blow-out from the beginning. But, that wasn't the case in this particular game. Certainly the way it finished is something we are very concerned about."

"Patrick Perry, that's the best downhill running we've seen since I've been here; against one of the best defenses in the country. Pat averaged four yards a carry against a really good football team. Andy Vargas played very well in his first extended action. Tanner Burns played terrifically well in the secondary. He led us in tackles. He's just a sophomore. Pompey Festejo came in a played very well at linebacker for us."

"Probably the biggest high spot of the whole day was in the play of our special teams. That was a win for us in special teams. Our offense got beat up; our defense got beat up. But our special teams, if you matched it up with (USC's) special teams, I think that was a win for us. Philip Zavala had his best game as a Spartan. I was particularly pleased that Tyler Cope made his only field goal attempt. The first field goal attempt he's had as a major college football kicker, in what at that point was a zero-zero game. Manu Ngatikaura, he did a great job in special teams."

"If there was one thing that was disconcerting, it was that some of our guys that have played a lot of football didn't play as well as we hoped they might have."

"The fact that we played against such good competition will really be plus for us down the road. Sometimes lessons are hard, but if you take it in the right way, sometimes it can make you better."

On the University of Utah:

"They are a tremendous team. I think they have the longest winning streak in the United States at this time. Two seasons ago they lost their last game of the regular season. They're a terrific team. They're very well coached. I don't know that Spartan Stadium has ever hosted a team that was previously ranked #2 the year previous. That will be the case this week. So, we're really looking forward to this game. This is an opportunity for our guys to express how strongly they feel about the home fans; about their home field. It's a chance for people to see our new stadium. Hopefully it's a chance for the Spartans to take a big step this week and improve their play dramatically over last week..

"Utah has a terrific defense; one of the best in the country last year. They have an outstanding running game. They like to get into the ‘Wildcat' formation with Matt Asiata. He's a big guy. He's 220 lbs. He also has the ability to throw from that formation. So, they're very versatile with that. Their team is built around the versatility of (Terrance) Cain, their quarterback. They just have great athletes, spread all over the field."

"We hope that we match up reasonably well up front with Utah. Now, we don't know if that's the case. It's hard to tell how we're going to match up with Utah until we snap the ball."

Other Notes:

There may be some changes in the two-deep depth chart. But those won't be announced until later.

No changes to the quarterback situation. Both Kyle Reed and Jordan LaSecla will play extensively against Utah. "We're just looking for someone to separate themselves" said Tomey. "Somebody to really light it up." Tomey went on to say that it's important for each of them to receive between 20 and 25 snaps.

There will be a "Dick Tomey Television Show" this season, which commences this Wednesday night, on Comcast Cable, channel 104. Check local listings for air times.

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