Spartan Army UPDATE: Next Meeting February 18th!

Coach Hill kicked off the last Spartan Army meeting with an update on the progress of the football program! When are you going to join us?

February 3rd, 2003 Spartan Army Archive.

Spartan Army Meeting Minutes and Notes:

This meeting had the largest turnout so far. 19 people participated as we continued to work on plans to get more people to Spartan football games and improve their experience once they're at the games.

Coach Hill kicked off the meeting with an update on the progress of the football program. Since this was before the Signing Party he couldn't say a lot about the new recruits. But every mention of the incoming players was met by a pretty good smile. We knew this was going to be a strong incoming class. As always it was very motivational to hear the coach talk.

The group then chose a logo.

This is important to give us a tangible identity as we grow. The logo we selected has already been prominently displayed on the football message board. And a new section has been created on the site to let us keep communicating our efforts. (Obviously that's where you're reading this.)

We will also have a dedicated website going ‘live' fairly soon that will be another place for people to get information on what we're doing, how to join and the results of our efforts.

(You can join now on by clicking on the "Email The Spartan Army" link or by clicking on the "Join the Spartan Army" link which is also on the front of

We've now got about 40 members, 33 of whom have signed into our Yahoo Spartan Army group. We're doing many other activities to grow the group. The Alumni Association is working with us to get the word out to the alumni base. We're working on some coverage in the press as well as posting flyers on campus. We need people representing all the different audiences of Spartan Football.

A few people have questioned the impact of the group. They assume that if Chuck Bell doesn't attend every meeting then it's all a waste of time. As I've said before, that's nonsense. First, Josh Francois runs athletic marketing at SJSU.

He's attended every meeting. He regularly briefs Chuck Bell and John Glass on our efforts. I'm personally meeting with Chuck and John before our next meeting and part of the agenda will be to provide my own update of our efforts. I will also invite Chuck and John to attend a future meeting.

We WILL make an impact!

What can you do to help? JOIN! Go to:

We've also had people offer to donate money. We're setting up the method of doing that now and will have it in place within a few days.

Whether you sign up or not, feel free to attend our next meeting on February 18th at the Simpkins Center, right next to Spartan Stadium. We will begin at 7 p.m. and be done by about 8:30. Hope to see you there!

Chris Taylor (

Spartan Army Head Stratego


February 18th, Simpkins Center next to Spartan Stadium from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Please attend the next meeting and help us as we continue to build our plans to get more butts in seats this coming season. Our last meeting was the biggest turnout to-date. The individual units focused on Game Experience and Marketing and Promotion have done some outstanding work in crafting their plans. There's still more work to come.

Our goal is to finalize these plans by the end of February. While the plans will always be changing and evolving as we move forward, we need to have a deadline where we can stop shaping the plans and start executing. And in fact some pieces of the plans have already begun to be implemented.

Now is the time to join and provide your support. Even if you can't attend the meetings, you can sign up for our Spartan Army Yahoo Group at: to participate online and provide your ideas and input.

Hope to see you there,

Chris Taylor (

Spartan Army Head Stratego

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