MacIntyre And New Staff Search For Recruits

Inside Sparta spoke with San Jose State Head Coach Mike MacIntyre on Friday, January 22nd and he discussed what he and his new staff have been up to. Recruiting is their focus until Letter-of-Intent Day February 3rd. The staff is intent on finding 25 quality prospects that they can convince to come to San Jose State. MacIntyre is encouraged by the talent still available.

San Jose State Head Coach Mike MacIntyre and his staff of assistants have been literally scattered about State of California the past three weeks on a mass recruiting campaign, in order to try and bring in enough quality players to allow them to build the program back to a competitive level after last season's disappointing 2-10 record. "We've had to pack 12 months into three weeks" said MacIntyre shortly after four of his new assistant coaches were introduced to the media. "We had such a late start" said MacIntyre, "(but) the thing that's encouraging to me is that there are just so many good football players in the Bay Area and in California in general. I'm excited that we have an opportunity to get a lot of those young men to come here and go to school." Asked if he felt if the staff has been able to fill some of the team's biggest needs heading into next season, MacIntyre replied "Yes we have. One of the things that we're trying to do is (that) we were down a little bit in scholarship numbers. So, we're going to sign 25 guys, and we need to kind of fill out our whole team in different areas, so that we have depth in all the spots."

Despite being able to sign the full NCAA allotment of 25 players, the Spartans will still come up short of the maximum allotted number of 85 scholarship players for the 2010 sesaon. Last season, San Jose State had 73 players on scholarship. "Right now, our scholarship limits won't let us get to 85 all the way" said MacIntyre. "Next year's class, we'll get to 85. I'm trying to space it out, to get a well balanced football team." Said MacIntyre, "I can't wait until I get a full cycle, and we'll be able to beat the bushes and find 22 good football players a year here to be very successful in the WAC."

The compressed recruiting schedule, which is forced due to the fast approaching National Letter-of-Intent signing day on February 3rd, has meant that MacIntyre has been unable to fully complete his staff of assistants. "I'm in the process of still working on that" said MacIntyre. "I've been so busy with recruiting I want to get through the rest of this week. We've got one more week that we can be out, and you're only allowed to have seven guys out at one time, and I'm out all the time too. So, I'm trying to make sure I can work through that process. I'll finish that one right near signing day."

The new coaches announced to the media were former San Francisco 49er defensive tackle Bryant Young (Defensive Line), who was on Charlie Weiss' staff at Notre Dame last season, former UNLV assistant Gary Bernardi (Offensive Line); Hugh Freeze (Offensive Coordinator) who was the head coach at Lambuth University the past two season and completed a 23-1 record; and Tim Landis (Special Teams), who has been the head coach at Bucknell University the previous five seasons.

Coach MacIntyre indicated that the current Strength & Conditioning staff will remain in place. "I'm holding over the Strength & Conditioning staff" said MacIntyre. "We are tweaking some if it. Chis (Holder) and I have met, and we're in the process of doing that. We're going to have things a little bit more like I like, and mix in some of his ideas, and we'll move forward."

Due to the pressing need to get his staff out on the recruiting trail for the past three weeks, MacIntyre has not had a chance to name a Recruiting Coordinator. "I haven't named a recruiting coordinator yet" said MacIntyre. "We're just out there, scattered, seeing players as fast as we can; getting position coaches to see them, so (that) we can get them here for the weekends. We have three weekends that we're really able to do it."

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