A Close Look At The WAC Baseball Newcomers

Inside Sparta Baseball Editor Don Starks takes an early look at the new players for all of the WAC baseball teams, and how they have fared thus far in the early portion of the 2010 season.

The WAC's new baseball players are either doing well, doing poorly, or not playing at all as some have yet to appear in a game. That, my friends, covers all the bases. The team that has shown the best results from its recruits has to be Sacramento State, as Blake Miller, Kirby Young, and Kyle Bassett are all hitting very well. Fresno State is second, with Bobby Coyle hitting a ton. All the other teams are still tweaking their lineups and players, and some are struggling. If you don't see a name that you know was a recruit, it's because they were either red-shirted, didn't make the team (doubtful), or have not played in a game.

Usually pitching is ahead of the game early in a season but that has not been the case so far. No new pitcher has really lit it up, so to speak, in his appearance. This could really spell trouble for a few teams if the trend continues. The WAC is pitching poor to start with and with no horses to shut down the opposition it could be a long year.

Hawaii has taken on the state of Oregon in its first two series of the year and was handled very well by Oregon State and has won the first game against rated Oregon. Their newbies have had a limited impact so far but a good pitching staff like OSU's could be the reason.
Kalani Brackenridge
0 for 5 in five games. Breland Almadova
2 for 15 (.133) which is extensive playing time.
Pi'ikea Kitamura
.267 (4 for 15) which is higher than team average.
Collin Bennett
Juco transfer who is hitting well (.316 and a homerun) and has the most ABs on team.
David Freitas Another transfer hitting .167.
Trent Allianic
Pitcher has seen limited action (2.1 IP) but has given up no runs.
Zack Gallagher
Got hit pretty hard in his one inning of work.

Fresno State
Got off to a good start against a fair Nebraska and Bobby Coyle has to be the story here. He hit well while at Arizona and seems to have not lost anything in transition. This spells "uh-oh" for the rest of the WAC.
Garrett Weber
Juco transfer who was projected as a starter at shortstop is hitting .235 in full-time duty. Even if he stays at this low level I suspect he'll continue at short, if he is making all the plays as the team is hitting well.
Clay Cederquist
A highly rated frosh recruit who was projected as a starter at 1B until Bobby Coyle came along. He only has two ABs.
Bobby Coyle
A transfer from Arizona who is hitting at a .400 pace with one homerun. Could be the newcomer of the year if he keeps it up.
Kaohu Gaspar
Freshman from St. Francis who was a great pitcher in high school but was recruited as an infielder. He is 3 for 10 which is .300 in my book. Seems to be getting extensive playing time.

Louisiana Tech
Early part of the season has been against less than stellar opposition so I'm not paying too much attention to stats yet but their newbies are delivering none-the-less.
Taylor Tarrasas
Hitting .250 in 4 ABs.
Philip Menou
Hitting .667 in 3 ABs.
Caleb Dudley
Has pitched in 3.1 innings and given the opposition nothing. Coaches tend to like that from their pitchers. May get more time.
Josh Barrett
A mirror image of Dudley but he has given up no runs in 3.0 innings.
Trevor Peterson
Highly rated left-handed pitcher is 1-0 with a 4.91 ERA in 3.2 IP.

New Mexico State
The Aggies performed poorly in an Arizona tournament and then returned home and mugged an NAIA team which means nothing. The following stats are, therefore, deceiving.
Ryan Beck
Has pitched in three games and is 0-0 with an ERA of 5.14 in 7 innings. He also has 9 strikeouts in those innings and only 1 wallk. Pretty good results overall.
Zac Fisher
Zac was recruited as a catcher and is seeing a lot of ABs (15) and is hitting at a fairly successful .267.
Westley Starkes He is hitting .250 in 16 ABs so he also is getting a lot of playing time to show what he can do.
Matt Potter He's a freshman that could be a walkon or a redshirt as I have no record of him. He's pitched in two innings and given up two runs. You do the math for a test of your baseball knowledge.

Sacramento State
Their season started with a series against UNLV and they did pretty good in taking two of the three games. The three pitchers that the Hornets brought in that I thought might make some noise have been in games but for very few innings. Brandon Creel, Russell Havens, and Jason Hampton have yet to prove themselves. The transfers and frosh are doing pretty good so the Hornets have to feel pretty confident for the coming WAC season.
Trevor Bloom
In full-time play he is hitting .267 with 1 homerun. He's a juco transfer and was expected to start.
Blake Miller
I couldn't find stats on this kid out of Salem, Oregon but he's providing some now. He's hitting .357 as a full-time player. If he continues, they'll never get him out of the lineup. I'm sure coaches are pleased.
Mike Guglielmo
Juco recruit so you'd expect results right away. He's a pitcher who has appeared in one game and was hit pretty solidly in that one appearance. Hopefully, he'll straighten that out.
Logan Todd
Logan is another juco transfer and has the second best ERA on the team at 5.40 while going 1-0. A good addition to the starting rotation.
Kirby Young
He is hitting .333 while playing full-time so this juco transfer is doing well.
Kyle Baskett
Kyle is another juco transfer who is hitting the cover off the ball at .412. He is a full-time player also.

They have started the season winning most of their games against mediocre to poor D1 opposition. That really doesn't matter as long as you win, especially on the road which they have. One high schooler and a juco transfer have helped.
Carlos Escobar
One of the most highly-rated frosh in the WAC. He has played in a limited role and has hit .250 in four ABs. The transition to D1 ball can prove daunting.
Cullen Mahoney
Mahoney has seen a fair amount of action and has delivered at a .300 clip. Could stay for awhile.
Ronnie Mitchell
This kid was a draft choice and has no hits in four ABs.
Brian Barnett
This juco transfer is hitting .357 in a fair amount of action.

San Jose State
The highly rated recruits and transfers have had a mixed bag of results. Some have not played and those that have (in extended time) have little to show. Many questions in the pitching staff still remain. The pitching staff is where the newbies are expected to deliver if the Spartans are to have much success this year.
Kerry Jenkins
Kerry is hitting just .200 in limited ABs but could play until he shows something one way or another. He's the only newcomer in an otherwise veteran starting lineup. He is a juco transfer.
John Austin
One of my favorite recruits was hit pretty hard in his one appearance and took the loss (0-1). Figures to get more than one shot at a spot in the starting rotation because it's so empty from last year. He is a juco transfer.

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