Coach MacIntyre on Thursday Spring Game

Spring practice begins on Friday and will run through March and most of April. In a change from past years when the final practice, known as the Spring Game, was held on a weekend, San Jose State head coach Mike MacIntyre has scheduled this years final session to be held on Thursday, April 22. He talks about the reasons and how it will benefit fans and players.

Last years final spring "scrimmage" for the San Jose State football team was held on a Saturday, and at the practice facility. The new Field Turf was being installed in Spartan Stadium making that venue unavailable.

This year the 'Spring Game' - the final practice of the 2010 spring practice session - will indeed be held in Spartan Stadium on the new turf. In a new twist Spartan head coach Mike MacIntyre announced that the game will be held on Thursday, April 22 at 7:30 p.m.

"We're excited about having night practices. It's good to get out underneath the lights, some. Getting under the lights will keep everyone on their toes. I'm excited about that. Having a great FieldTurf and a well-lit stadium gives us the advantage of being able to do it.

And, we won't have anybody coming or going during practice because of classes. We need a block time where everybody can focus and everybody can get better."

In addition, others within the SJSU athletic department have said that the evening session will provide more of a festive environment similar to the 'Midnight Madness' events many programs use to kickoff basketball practices.

According to the athletic department concessions are expected to be available for the Spring Game.

Spring practice begins on Friday morning. Weekday sessions will be held in the evening with weekend practices run during the morning, according to the SJSU AD. The public is invited to attend.

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