2010 Spring Practice is Underway

The 2010 San Jose State spring football practices began today under drizzling skies. This is the first opportunity for new Spartan head coach Mike MacIntyre and his staff to see what this crop of players brings to the field. Most of today was spent on drilling and fundamentals.

Spring football began with the players doing wind sprints and stretching. Once this was concluded, the players went to their respective position coaches. The linebackers, who were being coached by defensive coordinator Kent Baer, ran a drill where the ball was dropped and each player went after it. The drill teaches players to go always go after the ball.

The much regarded Bryant Young coaches the Defensive Line. Young used a stick-ball which was a football on a stick. He used the stick-ball by pulling it and having the players rush as though they were attacking opposing offenses. During the drill he yells to his players "attack" and "key on the ball". The players appeared to buy into his philosophy.

New offensive line coach Gary Bernardi has drilled his players on being quick on their feet and utilizing their hands. They appeared to focus on learning to play as a unit, not as individuals. Eventually, the offensive line will become a solid unit not only because of the coaching, but by learning how to work together.

The wide receivers ran posts, fades, and some deep patterns most of the time. Some made good catches and some did not. The WRs are also on a learning curve. Only time will tell if this group will succeed or not.

The running backs ran mostly north and south with Lamon Muldrow leading the way. It has been a weakness in past seasons, but if they grow with the offensive line, they could be a productive unit in 2010. Again, only time will tell if this group will succeed.

The offense and defense worked together on an interesting drill. Each player had to have one foot on a black board and the other on the field. The drill was designed for players to be responsible for their own lane and trust others to be accountable for theirs. This drill should teach them unity and accountability, we should see more of this as training camp continues. New head coach Mike MacIntyre worked mostly with the offense. 

Day 1 ended with the players doing more wind sprints and stretching. Coach Mac said he was pleased to see fans and alumni present and looks forward of much of the same. The key for SJSU in 2010 is to make sure that the players do not lose their fire and enthusiasm after their brutal non-conference schedule as they begin WAC play. If they can remain optimistic, they should be much improved from 2009.

SJSU's new Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks coach will be John D. Filippo who replaces the departed Hugh Freeze.

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