Spring Practice - Day Two

Day two of the 2010 San Jose State spring practice we look at some of the positions and who may lead for playing time in the fall.

In day two of spring training the coaches pushed their players all they way through each time they ran the drill. The purpose of the drills stresses fundamentals.

 The linebackers worked on their agility and footwork. They ran forward and sideways. "Turn your hip" and "flexibility" was what Coach Baer stressed the most during practice.

The corners went through practice hurdles. This allowed them to stay low and tight with their receivers. It also taught them to know when to break for the ball. 
The defensive line hit the bag most of the day. The purpose of the bag was to work on their tackling. The defensive line also used the bag to get off offensive blocks quickly. Coach Mac worked with the defense to see who was going to stand out so far.

New offensive coordinator John D. Filippo worked the quarterbacks and offense. Last year's starter, Jordan La Secla, threw some outstanding passes both short and long. Jordan could be the starter due to his experience from last year. However, Jordan has competition in junior Matt Faulkner. Faulkner's skill levels are comparable to La Secla's. La Secla will have to fight hard to fend off Faulkner if he wants to be a starter for his last year. The wide receivers ran mostly deep patterns and out patterns. They focused primarily on the timing with the quarterbacks.

The running game worked on picking and hitting holes. Lamon Muldrow and Brandon Rutley had the majority of the work and look to be a major part of the running attack for 2010. Also, running backs Coach Terry Malley instructs his players what to look from opposing defenses. Malley focused his players to on what holes they should be running through and angles to block when needed. The running backs worked on change direction drills, feet work, and handoffs.

Overall, the offense and defense looks to be leaner and quicker than in previous spring training camps. Coach Mac has stressed strength and conditioning and it has started to show. Players look more in shape as a result. Like yesterday, the coaches were more involved with coaching the players rather than putting them through drills. For now, the stand outs for running back seem to be Muldrow and Rutley. For QB, it was La Secla and Faulkner.

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