Spring Practice No. 3 - Under the Lights

The San Jose State football team moved under the lights of Spartan Stadium for the third session of the 2010 spring practice. It was also the first practice in pads.

Day 3 began under a clear Monday night sky. For the first time, players got to practice in pads. The defensive line had players from both ends hit each other at the center. They also hit each other with one set of players using their hands and the other playing the role of the tackling dummy.

As before, the linebackers worked with on their foot work along with hitting and tackling in between. Coach Ken Baer emphasized specific hand and foot coordination throughout the drill. He made sure that players were tackling through their hits.

The running backs worked with the quarterbacks doing hand off drills. The RB's then would maneuver either left or right depending on which way the tackling dummy lead toward. For example, if the tackling dummy went left, then the RB would go right.

The offensive line worked on hitting each other while working on their foot work. Coach Gary Bernardi made sure that his players where hitting through their blocks. This unit could be much improved from previous years. Head coach Mike MacIntyre describes the purpose of all of these drills is to have, "players work on certain [skills] with certain coaches."

The most interesting part of Day 3 was the offense and defense scrimmaging against each other which occurred several times throughout the night. The purpose behind this was to "evaluate the talent," says MacIntyre. As this went on, players that normally played offense played defense and vise-versa. Coach Mac stated that he want to "know what he has" in terms of depth. For now, he is content for letting his coaches' coach. Coach Mac says that he plans on becoming more "hands on" as training camp progresses.

Although no player has really stood out at this point, the purpose of Coach Mac's training camp is install "discipline, conditioning, and strength" says Coach Mac. "When they [players] have more energy they'll have more fun."

When asked about his first game against on September 4th versus National Champion Alabama, Coach Mac says that he's "excited about it. It's a chance to play on National TV". Training camp seems to have a lot of passion and enthusiasm that was seemed to be missing from last year. How will this translate to wins and loses is unknown, but this passion and enthusiasm should be fun to watch especially on September 18th when SJSU takes on Southern Utah in Spartan Stadium.

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