Spring Practice Resumes

The San Jose State football team began the second weekend of the 2010 spring practice session on Friday.

Coach Mac and his staff continue with Spring Training as they prepare for the 2010 season. Day 4 started with the kicking game. Tyler Cope was being evaluated as well as Harrison Waid. In previous seasons, this aspect of SJSU football was unreliable and erratic. But Cope and Waid were kicking through the uprights on a more consistent basis. This unit may be much improved and more dependable.

The Defensive Line worked on knocking out the ball of a practice quarterback. Also, the DL knocked over a practice dummy to get the QB. DL coach Bryant Young worked with the stick ball and instructed his players to "follow through" using their hands and legs. "No head butting" Coach Young preached. He wanted his players to rely on their hands and legs.

New Defensive Coordinator Kent Baer and Coach Mac worked with the Linebackers and Running Backs. The RB's tried to find holes as the LB's tried to stop them. Once this, and the other drills, was completed, Coach Mac brought his entire team together. Coach Mac advocated discipline to his team as he instructed them to "watch the hard count". Once Coach Mac was finished, he let his players work with his specific coaches.

The Offensive Line worked on putting hat on a hat with the DL. The OL did no shoulder blocking. This was a change for the better because this unit really struggled over the past seasons. Coach Mac also worked with the offense, primarily with the passing game. Coach Mac evaluated the wide receivers after they each ran their routes.

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