Day Five Report on Spring Practice

Saturday morning saw the San Jose State football team in their final weekend session of spring practice before the Spring Break.

Day five of Spring Training, as well as the entire training camp to this point, has players playing both offense and defense also known as both ways. Players playing both ways allow them to understand the game of football as a whole rather than from one aspect. This should provide additional depth and better reaction to opposing teams.

The offensive line works together with the running backs in order to develop the running game. Lamon Muldrow and Brandon Rutley have most of the reps to this point. Coaches Terry Malley and Gary Bernardi instruct their players to "bend [their] knees and get [their] butts down and head on full". This means that the RB's should follow through as they enter each hole. Coach Mac explains that his OL "must work together and orchestrate" in order to be an effective unit in 2010.

The defensive line  works on arm and line fundamentals. Bryant Young shows his players how to line properly against opposing OL's. The DL works with pushing away OL by using their hands and legs.

As the team scrimmages against each other, Coach Mac screams at his players when they lay on the ground for any extended amount of time. "Hot Stove" Coach Mac calls it. According to Coach Mac, Hot Stove is a metaphor that he installs to his players when they hit the ground, "he should get up right away". Hot Stove teaches ultimate effort. In short, players always have a chance to make a play. "Players can't lay on the ground and feel sorry for themselves. When they fall, they should get up quick" says Coach Mac.

The players that have separated themselves from everyone else so far are Josh Harrison, Lamon Muldrow, Payton Thompson, and Brandon Driver. "Josh Harrison has speed and quickness and Mojo has made a play everyday" says Coach Mac. When asked about a starting Quarterback for 2010, Coach Mac had no comment.

One of Coach Mac's biggest challenges at SJSU will be the money to support academics and recruitment. "Without these [money to support academics and recruitment], you don't have program." says Coach Mac. For now, the players and coaches are bonding together as they embark on the 2010 season. There is no day off for Coach Mac, his staff, and his players despite all of the mandatory furloughs. "We have to keep working at it" says Coach Mac.  

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