Next Meeting: March 10th at 7PM! (Previous Update)

Come listen to Coach Fitz Hill On March 10th! It's always great to listen to the Coach give his thoughts on Spartan Football and provide us with an update on where we are and where we're going.

Fans and Supporters of Spartan Football,

We have three special guests who will be attending our next Spartan Army meeting. We are meeting next Monday night, March 10th at 7 p.m. in the Simpkins Center, right next to Spartan Stadium on 7th Street.

The first guest is Head Coach Fitz Hill. It's always great to listen to the Coach give his thoughts on Spartan Football and provide us with an update on where we are and where we're going.

Secondly, the university is working with two very experienced individuals as part of their "master plan" to elevate Spartan Athletics. They'll share some of what they've discovered so far and importantly, want to listen to the thoughts of the Spartan Army.

I was very, very impressed in my initial meeting with them. I don't think you'll want to miss this chance if you're a fan of Spartan Football! Got suggestions?

Now is the time!

So please join us. The Army is marching on!

Last Spartan Army Meeting Minutes and Notes:

We had an excellent meeting on Monday night.

13 people attended which has been close to our average. Considering the excitement of the approaching season is still a ways off, to have 13 - 20 people attend each meeting this early in the year and have over 40 people signed up as part of the group overall is good in my opinion. (Since I run the meeting I'm sure I'm a little biased.)

Main points from the meeting:

- The two units "Game Experience" and "Game Promotion" gave an overview of the plans they've created. Both groups have done an excellent job of crafting "doable" plans that we as volunteers can actually do and that will make an impact. With Josh Francois (leader of athletics marketing for SJSU) part of the Spartan Army, we're in synch with the school.

- We're now moving from planning to implementation. The unit leaders (Jane and Dale) plus Gayle and myself are working on roles and responsibilities so we can start making these things happen. This is where we really need more volunteers moving forward. THe number of volunteers we have determines how much or how little we can do. And seemingly small things can make a big difference.

- I gave the group a "sneak peek" update on all that's happening for the Grambling game. It's going to be exciting.

You'll see and hear more soon.

- I also updated the group on a couple very prominent consultants who are working with the president's office and the athletic administration to really elevate Spartan Athletics.

They are very impressive and should be able to do some very good things overall, including benefits for the football program as a key part of their efforts. They're primarily focused on researching right now with a formal plan being crafted.

We're having a special Spartan Army meeting next Monday night, March 10th at 7 p.m. It will be at the Simpkins Center (football offices) right next to Spartan Stadium.

The two consultants will be attending. They want to meet members of the Spartan Army as part of their research on Spartan Athletics. In addition, Coach Hill will be meeting with the group.

So it's a very special meeting!

As you've seen and heard countless times, we ask others to join the Spartan Army and support our efforts. We WILL make a difference.

In fact there have already been ideas generated by the group that Josh and the athletic administration have begun to implement.


Chris Tager-

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