Near Misses

During my time with the Pirates I saw a lot of intense recruiting battles. Here are four players that almost signed on the dotted line(Loren Woods pictured)

During my time with the Pirates I saw a lot of intense recruiting battles. Here are four players that almost signed on the dotted line

Rodney White- I remember some publications had him ranked the number one player in the country. I remember when Rodney visited the Seton Hall campus. After Rodney played pick up with the team I'll never forget Shaheen Holloway saying "If we get this kid, we can go to the elite eight. I remember Gary Saunders hosted him around campus, showed him a great time, Rodney seemed like he was a natural fit. He told us in Aquinas Hall, I'm coming. Rodney wanted to take the rest of his visits before signing. The dilemma that played out here was that talented forward Al Harris wanted to commit as well. Al Harris was a talented forward prospect out of Winchendon Prep school via Florida. The staff didn't take any chances and took Al Harris's commitment. Imagine Rodney White paired with Eddie Griffin and Sam Dalembert?

Anthony Glover – I remember this was an intense recruiting battle. It was between St. John's and Seton Hall. St. John's had the slight edge because Glover was a Riverside church kid and a lot of his former teammates were there. But Seton Hall tightened the Race up due to Tommy Amaker, Tim O'Toole and Gary Saunders. Tim O'Toole is one of the best recruiters in the nation. He was relentless in going after Glover. Gary Saunders also helped because he was a Rice alum and was always planting Seton Hall in his ear. I went with Gary Saunders many times to watch Rice play that year. Gary's younger brother was a point guard on the JV squad. I remember Anthony Glover verbally committed then the next day signing with St. John's. At the time St. John's didn't have a coach, but St. John's ended with Jarvis and Derm Player (Glover's AAU coach) was named to that staff.

Al Harrington – Another close call. If Al Harrington had went to college Seton Hall would likely have been his college destination. It was a close race between Seton Hall and Georgia Tech. Then the NBA came into the picture making it a three horse race. It eventually came down to Seton Hall and the NBA. As we all know Al announced for the NBA. The victory in this recruiting battle for Tommy Amaker was that he was there for the number one player in the country, and would have landed him if the NBA never came into play.

Loren Woods – Another player who said he was coming but visions of girls in swimsuits lying by the pool, beautiful weather and a solid program changed his mind. I was shocked that Loren Woods announced he transferred and then when I went into the basketball office that tomorrow he would be making an official visit. Gary Saunders was his host on his visit, and put the full court press on Loren, making sure Loren enjoyed his visit. I remember Loren liked that Seton Hall was a small campus, good academics and a team ready to blow up. He said he was coming, but he was still going to visit Zona. I had a feeling that once he visited Zona and saw the weather out there; I didn't think he would be in South Orange next fall. Loren visited Arizona and committed on his visit.

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