Ex SHU Asst Coaches

Assistant Coaches I had the opportunity to work with at Seton Hall.

Rob Jackson- One of the great teachers of basketball and life. Probably one of the best talent evaluators I've been around. Rob knew basketball inside out, did a very good job with the big men at Seton Hall and also was a master teaching the "Point Zone". I remember he found sleepers in Ty Shine, Darius Lane, Damian Dawkins, Kevin Wilkins, an a non pirate Marques Green. He was all over Eddie Griffin; I never understood why he didn't get any credit for landing him because he was the assistant coach who recruited him. Rob Jackson was a Philadelphia guy. One thing I loved about Coach Jackson was you could talk to him about anything in life, a man who truly cared about individuals. He represented Seton Hall with pure class and integrity.

Fred Hill- One of the best recruiters in the game. People who may say yeah, but he hasn't been a head guy yet or what about his X's and O's. Baloney. This guy can flat out coach. Coach Hill brought a ton of energy into the program. Like Coach Jackson, Coach Hill cared about his kids. I was amazed by how many people Coach Hill knew in the tri-state area, it seemed like he knew every coach, every program and every player. NJ/NYC recruiting = Fred Hill. Huge hire for Rutgers. Very personable guy, with a ton of basketball knowledge. Wherever Hill is a head coach, that program will be a winner and conduct themselves in a first class manner, just like their coach.

Tim O'Toole- Probably the most energetic coach I've ever been around. Very intense! O'Toole was a great motivator as well. Did a great job of teaching basic fundamentals. I'll never forget him drilling into Duane Jordan's head the importance of sealing your man, for post position. Made basketball fun. Also had a great personality and great sense of humor. Coach O'Toole was always a pleasure to be around. Coach O'Toole can also recruit very well in the metropolitan area. Doing a very nice job at Fairfield University. Go Stags! Kerry Keating- One of the best coaches of breaking down tape and go over scouting reports. Kerry also was always one of the best dressed assistants (if not best) in the country. Kerry is another great recruiter. Kerry was always approachable and you felt comfortable talking to him about anything. Kerry has been moving up the ranks very quickly and it's just a matter of time before he's a head coach.

Chris Collins- One of the best basketball minds I've been around. After watching his dad conduct a coaching clinic, I knew Chris was born to be a coach. Chris is extremely passionate about the game. He was excellent at going over basic fundamentals, knew everything about everything in basketball. Worked real hard with the guards at Seton Hall. I thought he did an excellent job with Shaheen Holloway. Chris Collins is another great recruiter, who has had the likes of working with Coach K and TA along with his father. No doubt Chris will be the head coach of a big time program very soon. I'd also put my money on Chris Collins to beat JJ Reddick in a game of horse any day of the week.

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