Tommy Amaker PT 2

Part 2 of the TA story

TA always stressed academics and team unity. There were mandatory study halls as well as mandatory team meals. If you missed either there were penalties you faced. Coach was always stressing the importance of education and how vital it was to thrive in your studies, because it will only benefit you down the road later in life.

Coaching X's and O's, Coach Amaker had a great arsenal. Coach had a lot of good offensive sets and his defensive strategies were very good. I can't tell you how many times the point zone caused fits for opponents. One of the best plays, which was probably the simplest but worked every play, was the infamous out of bounds play, which Warner Fuselle later named it the "Gary Saunders Play". Coach Amaker made sure his teams were always prepared to play.

I've never seen anyone recruit at Seton Hall like coach Amaker. I always thought it was remarkable how he could get the top players in the country to sign at small catholic school on the east coast. I remember all the recruiting mailer envelopes that we had to stuff and write. Sometimes it seemed never ending. The strategy was brilliant. The dividends paid off. So many kids had Seton Hall at the top of their list. I think that was an amazing feat that was accomplished.

Coach Amaker deserves credit for making sure Seton Hall had the proper facilities to compete in the Big East. Coach Amaker revamped the basketball offices and the locker room; both are top notch facilities that allowed them to compete with the best.

I learned so many life lessons from coach Amaker. I heard a lot of them echoed in my Navy training. I believe Amaker was a great leader. He taught you so many little things to be successful in life. Coach always stressed family, how to conduct your self, charisma, and dress for success, image, possessing a positive mind set, and leadership skills.

It was a great honor for me to be able to work for Tommy Amaker. I was also blessed with the opportunity to meet some really amazing people.

Success is the word that comes to mind when I hear Tommy Amaker. If I had to start my own business, I would use the blueprint Tommy Amaker used to build the Seton Hall and Michigan men's basketball programs.

I must say, if I had a son who was being recruited to play basketball, my choice would be simple, Tommy Amaker. I know my son will come away from the program with an education, motivation, a formula for success, he will learn many lessons in life that he will not see in the classroom and he'll blossom into a man. I know he will come away smarter, wiser, more mature and will ready to battle in the trenches of the real world!

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