What will the future hold?

What I am looking for out of the team this season.

I just wanted to go over a few things that I am specifically looking for this season. The first thing is I am looking is for one of the youngsters to step up and show signs of stardom. I am going to single out Brian Laing, Jamar Nutter, and John Garcia in this discussion. Laing gives SHU that big-time athlete that we thought we had in JR Morris. Morris became too content in chucking up threes where I see Laing becoming that guy who is fearless in attaching the rim. He is the kind of kid that I see all the elite schools having which makes me jealous. Brian hopefully has upgraded the rest of his game, which could take him to level of go-to guy. Next up is up is Jamar Nutter who should be our instant offense guy. Nutter gives you that sparkplug who can just get hot and score a bunch of points quick. Nutter can go to the hoop hard and can knock down the jumper as well but his consistency and conditioning have been his biggest stumbling block. When I saw Jamar in High School he would always show glimpses of greatness but that's all. Does he finally put it all together? Will the staff challenge Nutter to be the guy who leads this team into the future? If Jamar wanted to be, he could be a big time scorer as the talent is there. For the last 8 years I have said to anyone who will listen that Seton Hall needs a wide body that just dominates the post. Mario Boggans and Ollie Bailey are a few of these types that we have missed over the years. I think we may have finally got him in John Garcia. Garcia gives us that combination of bulk and skill that we have not seen since Jerry Walker. When healthy Garcia can either out power his opponent in the post or give him a nice post move to shake him. Over the last few years I watched guys like Sweetney and Craig Smith just eat people up inside for easy buckets. The big question is John's knee healthy and stable? We need him to show that he can be a beast that can have a team built around his low post scoring. The other thing that I need to see out of this team is chemistry. 1999-2000's sweet sixteen team didn't have the most talent but the thing it did have was cohesion and team work. Everyone picked each other up and they willed themselves to victories. Teammates did not want to disappoint their captains Shaheen Holloway and Rimas Kaukanus. This team needs to show that type of determination if it is going build itself up from last years poor showing. Last year I saw too much shellfish play. We need to see crisp passing and great team defense. No black holes down low and no more player issues. If these things are shown you will see a bright future at Seton Hall.

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