Tommy Amaker Part 3

My Final Observations on Coach Amaker

I was sad to see coach Amaker leave Seton Hall. He put Seton Hall back on the map. It seemed any time you looked Seton Hall always were on a Top 100 recruits lists or getting some media attention somewhere.

Even though the team had a disappointing season, I still think things would have turned around. Seton Hall was extremely tight with Foye, Ray, Sumpter, Fraser and a whole bunch of other recruits.

I think people are upset he bailed on Seton Hall. Did people honestly think he would be at Seton Hall for 20 years? I don't think he bailed on Seton Hall. I think he got a better job situation for himself. More Money and more prestige, plus the University of Michigan are a Nike school. Personally, I think it was a no brainier decision. I don't have a problem with him leaving. I think whenever you have a chance to better yourself and better your family you do it. Also, longer job security.

I think his players didn't understand at first, but they realized it after he left.

I've spoken to many former players who thought it was a good move for him. One former player said he was shocked people were even upset. "What did they expect when they hired a young big time coach?" "I would do the same thing he did." "What Seton Hall needs to do is be very selective in hiring the next coach, a coach who will build on the momentum TA left them with, so everyone will happy."

I will not address any of the rumors or speculations that have been thrown out, regarding who influenced who and how the events took part. I believe it's a lot of hearsay and irrelevant to comment on it.

The Bottom line is a better job offer came to the table and he took it. Who wouldn't take a hefty pay raise and longer job security? Maybe if Seton Hall had a more successful season, he'd still be in South Orange, we'll never know because it's pure speculation.

What I do know is that Coach Amaker brought a ton of energy, passion, class and national attention to the program.

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