2007 Commit Orlando Allen

SHU pulls off major recruiting coup by landing in demand Junior center Orlando Allen!

SHU Fans should be excited about the early commitment of junior Orlando Allen. I got a chance to speak with the 6-11 256Lb center from Cincinnati's Woodward High School and the first thing that was obvious was the kind of kid Seton Hall will be getting. Orlando is very well spoken and polite kid that finishes every sentence with Sir, thanks, and your welcome. He speaks about how important working hard and getting better is to him. Isn't this refreshing? With his size, talent and this attitude I have no doubt that Allen will be a force to be dealt with.

Big time schools such as Illinois, Tennessee, Syracuse, and Indiana were recruiting Allen before narrowing his list down to a final three of Purdue, Georgia Tech, and Seton Hall. It appears that the coaching staff at Seton Hall is what pushed them over the edge to secure Allen's early verbal commitment. "I am real familiar with Coach Jackson and Coach Orr, they seem like great people, and it's a real family situation up there. I really like the idea of the small class size at Seton Hall as well." Orlando said. Allen has yet to visit the campus but plans on doing so very soon with his mother.

Orlando also talked about his summer. Allen's summer was a whirlwind tour of all of the major AAU tournaments and a stop at the famous ABCD camp. His AAU team, which features superstars OJ Mayo and Bill Walker, gave Orlando a chance to play against the best competition in the country. One such AAU game lined Allen up against the number one rated senior in the country Greg Oden. Oden got a good battle from Allen and Allen got proof that he could play on the highest level. Orlando further built up his confidence when he came up to NJ and had a very good ABCD Camp. This showing made Allen a top prospect for some of the biggest programs in the country.

When asked about playing in the new Big East Allen said he was really excited and felt very fortunate about the chance to play in the best basketball conference in the country. He also wished he could play right now. He wants to have the chance to be the next great center in Big East history.

Most people know that last year was Orlando's first playing organized basketball but most people don't know what sport he did prior. I was surprised to find out that Orlando participated in boxing before getting into basketball. This should help him get ready for his future battles in the Big East.

Grades wise Orlando says he has a good GPA and he will be taking his ACT's in Dec and SAT's in Jan.

Shakes' take- I think we are getting a great kid and maybe someone who will turn into a difference maker down the road. If Allen keeps up with his hard work everyone will continue to see rapid improvement and the sky will the limit for this prospect.

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