Reeling in the Big Fish

Gonzo looks to make a Big Splash in recruiting for 2008!

Now that 2007's recruiting class is filled up with 4 players who will help fill the depth chart with some talent and size, let's take a look at what 2008 and beyond hold for the Pirates.

What Coach Gonzalez has been able to do with recruiting in such a small time is pretty remarkable. Without playing a game he was able to land some talented players including starting point guard Eugene Harvey. Gonzo also proved he can find talent where others didn't with kids like Hazell and Glover who blew up after their commitments.

So you are thinking what's left for Gonzo to prove in recruiting world? What Coach Gonzalez needs to do now is go out and get the 5 Star Elite guy. He needs to show the UConn's and Louisville's of the world that he is putting a fence up around the Metro area and keep the local talent home. When this happens it will signal the arrival of the Gonzo most were all hoping for. Let's face it, Coach Louis Orr wasn't fired because he didn't win because he went to the NCAA Tournament twice in 4 years. It was his lack of recruiting in the Metro area and allowing players like Brandon Costner and Derrick Character to leave the state.

It all starts with that one guy. Every good coach has one. You know what I am talking about, that first Big Fish that made people realize that Coach X was not playing games in the recruiting world. For Amaker it was Samuel Dalembert, PJ had Mark Bryant, Billy Donovan had Teddy Dupay, and Jay Wright had Jason Fraser. Gonzo needs to find his guy next. Samardo Samuels wouldn't be a bad guy. Neither would Sylven Landesberg or Devin Ebanks. Once you land a guy like that, it then becomes an avalanche. Look what is going on at Ohio State. 5 Stars are just lining up to go there since Greg Oden became the kid who made it cool to play basketball at Ohio State again. Look what Big Sam started at Seton Hall. Amaker had a 2 year run where he could have gotten anyone he wanted including the number 1 recruiting class in the country. It's all about momentum in recruiting.

You don't think Lance Stephenson, Dexter Strickland, and Greg Echenique would notice if Samuels committed to Seton Hall? I think a lot of people would notice. Samuels, Ebanks, and Landesberg appear to be lock Mickey D's All Americans next year. Of the three I think we have the best shot to land Samuels thanks to the relationship he has with Eugene Harvey and Coach Derm Player. We are also recruiting Sylven very hard and he is interested. Ebanks is the longest shot of the three but he also has a good relationship with Coach Player.

Shakes'Take- Things are really heating up with Samuels and Landesberg for Seton Hall. I think we have a real good chance of landing atleast one of these guys!

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