Seton Hall vs. Providence Preview

Seton Hall takes on Providence College after beating RU in it's Big East opener.

Seton Hall vs. Providence Preview

Match ups PG- Harvey vs. Williams The 6'0 super frosh in Harvey should have the upper hand in this match up, but Williams gave last seasons ROY Dominic James fits in last nights game.

SG- Nutter vs. Efejuku This is going to be one of the best match ups of the night the streaky, flat, cold shooting Nutter vs. one of the top candidates for the MIP award in Efejuku. Efejuku is averaging 15.4 ppg, 4.7 rpg, and 2 apg. Should be fun to watch but seems for this season and right now Prov has the leg up in this match up

SF- Laing vs. McDermott- Maybe I was wrong with the above statement of "the best match up of the night" regarding Nutter and Efejuku, but the Laing McDermott match up should be the most important of the night…the two do-it-alls for each team will be battling to shut each other down and to score. Last night McDermott had 11 assists playing the point forward role is the mold of Francisco Garcia. To go along with those 11 assists he also had 9 rebounds and 11 points. Laing and McDermott have similar athleticism and frames with McDermott being a little longer, this could be a tough match up for Laing but one he must put his mark on.

PF- Gaines vs. Kale- Kale is a slow footed banger who goes hard every play, Gaines is somewhat quick footed and can take his opponent out to the 3pt stripe (not always a good thing) I think the biggest aspect of this match up is who gets the most rebounds and if Gaines can do all in his power to make Kale turn the ball over.

C- Billmeier vs. Hill- Grant is slow footed and not athletic but plays well against men the same size as him…I do not think this will be the case. Hill is athletic and can put it on the floor to an extent, he should be able to eat Grant alive on the boards and block many shots…the key for Grant is to make Hill get quick fouls…need him out of the game so Harvey can get into the lane on the dribble drive.

Bench Gause vs. McKenzie – Gause has the edge here bringing the spark to SHU off the bench…McKenzie has not gotten a lot of playing time but has a nice stroke from deep

Davis vs. Burch- Bruch is a big banger who will bring size and rebounding to Prov. Davis is a smooth slasher who will get to the foul line. Davis slashing to the rim will be needed so we can get Prov into foul trouble.

Messy vs. Hall- Messy brings size and rebounded but also a lack of knowledge on the defensive end. Hall is big 6'11 260 and has a soft touch if left open, key against Hall will be to get him moving laterally.

Final Thoughts What to watch for in this game is how Providence handles the press and how SHU handles the zone. SHU must get Providences bigs in foul trouble to have any shot of winning this game… Heart says 76-70 SHU Head says 73-65 Providence WE SHALL SEE

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