Seton Hall vs. Notre Dame Preview

Seton Hall faces ND in Big East contest. The big question will be can Irish stand the pressure without PG?

Seton Hall vs. Notre Dame

PG Eugene Harvey vs. Troy Jackson- With Kyle McAlarney sitting out Troy Jackson has been placed into the starting lineup he had 5pts, 3ast, and 4TOs vs. GT and last week he had 0pts, 6ast, and 2 TOs….Jackson is not a scoring guard by any means but he will set his teammates up for the open look. Harvey should have a nice game going right at Jackson forcing him to foul and creating TOs. Advantage: Harvey

SG Jamar Nutter vs. Colin Falls- Colin Falls the Seton Hall killer…does this kid ever miss???? He is also solid from the FT line at 80% If we leave him open he will kill us…if we have a hand in his face he will kill us….our only hope is Jamar can force him to drive and play tight D. Lets also hope Jamar continues to take the ball to the rim and his 3's are falling.

SF Larry Davis vs. Russell Carter…when you get a look at this match up on TV or in person you will swear Carter is atleast 100lbs heavier/ stronger then Davis but I think his length will help he a lot vs. Carter. With Davis's length Carter will try to overpower Davis down on the block or in the high post….This should be very affective for Carter. Davis will have to use his strong hands and length to try to steal the ball from Carter who isn't a very good ball handler. Overall should be a good match up with Carter dominating. Wait for Laing to body up and Carter then sparks will fly! Advantage: Carter

PF Brian Laing vs. Rob Kurz- Kurz has Laing by about 4" and that should help Kurz but Laing has shown so far that he can match up with taller players and get his shot off due to his athletic ability. I think Laing should have a nice day with Kurz on him… Advantage: Laing

C Grant Billmeier vs. Luke Zeller- Zeller a 6'11 McDonald's All-American has not shown much in the way of post moves and dominate play so far in his short career. Zeller along with Kurz like to shoot the jumper a little too much. Grant usually plays well against other big slow footed players and should be able to hold his own. Advantage: Zeller

Bench: Stan Gaines vs. Luke Harangody- Harangody is a beast on the blocks and loves to bang should make for a good match up with Bilmeier if they are both on the floor. Gaines did a great job on Hamilton in last night's game so let's hope he can continue his good defensive play. Advantage: Harangody with his 12ppg and 6rpg

Paul Gause vs. John Peoples- Gause should be able to create havoc for ND's guards and if he is hitting his 3's he should dominate this match up. Peoples is known for his good defensive play and athleticism he could come in and guard one of our hot gaurds. Advantage: Gause

Manni Messy vs. Zack Hillsland- Hillsland impressed me the little I saw him against WV, the kid gets up and down the court very well for someone 6'8 and handles the ball very well. He can push the tempo but that is not NDs game at all. Messy should log some minutes due to ND's size. I don't expect much from him. Advantage: Hillsland

Overall like most of our games this season it will be our press vs. ND's zone…if we can get ND out of their comfort zone we should have a great chance in keeping it close and winnable. Keys will be our interior D, our up tempo O, and if we can upset their guards.

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