The Orbe's 2008 Recruiting State of the Union

Orbs speaks out on SHU's 2008 Recruiting Efforts. See where he thinks we stand and how we will finish.

It seems lately people think the sky is falling with Seton Hall's 2008 recruiting class. I don't think this is the case by any means. Right now Seton Hall has a good shot with prospects such as Samardo Samuels, Justine Theodore, Devin Hill, Slyvan Landensberg, Mike Rosario, Mookie Jones, etc.

Remember Coach Gonzalez and staff was behind the 8 ball and playing catch up with the 07 class, while other schools were getting an early jump on the 08 class. Personally I like how Seton Hall is positioned. Remember these are kids, and kids change their minds daily. People can't get caught up in he says / she says type of information. I say to everyone: Relax and let things play out. Coach Gonzalez knows how important recruiting is to be successful in the Big East. It's no coincidence that Coach Gonzalez hired an excellent staff in Coach Player, Coach Billet, Coach Murphy, Coach Sauers and Coach Holloway. These coaches have outstanding contacts and will get the job done.

One thing this staff has done each year they raise the talent level at Seton Hall. When the talent level gets raised, you can sure bet your win totals rise as well. The bottom line is Winning = Big time recruits. I think Seton Hall picked the right head coach and I think the head coach picked the right staff to get the job done.

Hazard Zet Forward.

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