Hall's Well for Mike Davis

Last week Mike Davis ended his recruitment and selected Seton Hall over Rutgers.

Last week Mike Davis ended his recruitment and selected Seton Hall over Rutgers. This recruitment had a lot of twists and turns but in the end it all worked out for Mike. When deciding on your college future you have to make sure you are making the right decision. Mike had more schools to choose from then just Seton Hall and Rutgers. The reason Seton Hall and Rutgers made the cut was due to the proximity to NYC. Seton Hall and Rutgers offered Mike a chance not only to get an excellent education but a chance to play Big East basketball. Mike liked both schools. Each school had their pros and con's. One of the biggest factors is comfort level, when choosing a school. That advantage went to Rutgers due to the relationship Mike has had with Craig Carter, dating years back before Craig was an assistant coach at Rutgers. So naturally Rutgers had a slight edge. In the end when it came down to making one of the most important decisions in his life, Mike selected Seton Hall University.

Kudos to Brett Carter for doing an excellent job guiding Mike through this whole process and ensuring a great opportunity for Mike to continue his education. Kudos to Geoff Billett who was the lead recruiter during the process and really did an outstanding job recruiting Mike. Kudos to the rest of the Seton Hall assistants for their assistance on helping getting the job done.

The "Godfather" in this whole process was Coach Bobby Gonzalez. Coach Gonzalez did a tremendous job recruiting Mike, maintaining his composure throughout the whole process, while conquering all obstacles he faced. Seton Hall University is very lucky to have a coach like Coach Gonzalez. How can you not love this guy's passion and intensity for the program? I personally love how Coach Gonzalez brings up past players like the Gordon Winchester's the Anthony Avent's. He just lures excitement about the program. Coach Gonzalez clearly has a vision and plan for Seton Hall basketball it looks like it's starting to come to fruition. Remember Coach Gonzalez ran an excellent program at Manhattan and has a great track record that speaks for itself. I truly believe the university, the alumni and fans are very lucky to have coach Gonzalez associated with Seton Hall basketball.

Back to Mike Davis. I believe Mike was clearly the final piece to the puzzle. Mike adds something that has been missing for awhile at Seton Hall, a true 6-9 PF/C who can score with his back to the basket and score in the low post. Mike also produces a very nice touch from the perimeter. I believe Mike will remind fans of former Pirate Anthony Avent. Another thing about Mike that will serve as a nice weapon is Mike is a lefty. A fact people don't realize is that Mike has already dominated Tyler Hansborough, Greg Oden, and Derrick Character in previous match ups. I believe Mike is clearly under rated and in my opinion the most valuable recruit in this class. Mike's favorite NBA is the New York Knicks. His favorite NBA player is Kobe Bryant. Mike's biggest accomplishment to date has been receiving his HS diploma. Mike future goal is to play in the NBA and own his own restaurant. Mike goal at Seton Hall is to receive his degree and to continue increasing his control over his destiny.

Overall, I believe this recruiting class is a very good one. Not only did the staff lure in great guard depth and a potential star in Jeremy Hazel and Chris Smith, but solidified the front court which was a glaring weakness last year with Michael Glover, Mike Davis, Brandon Walters and Augustine Okuson. The foundation has been laid out. For the next three years the backcourt will have Harvey, Davis, Hazel and Smith. The front court will have Mike Davis, John Garcia, Michael Glover and Brandon Walters. Coach Gonzalez and his coaching staff have clearly each year on the job increased the incoming talent level. Watch for some more wins on the court this season. The future of the program is heading in a very exciting direction!

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