Fall Baseball Rundown, Part 1

JagsJungle had the chance to sit down with South Alabama Baseball Head Coach Mark Calvi and First Base Coach Alan Luckie to discuss the progress this fall heading into the annual Fall World Series. Below is part one of the interview.


On Being the Head Coach
"I make more decisions on a day to day basis, now. More administrative, non-performance related decisions (an amount surely amplified this fall with the complete overhaul of the John Lieber Clubhouse). Before it was: who's starting and what's their pitch count. Now, it's what uni's are we wearing (and there may have been a "fashion coordinator" remark from under Coach Luckie's breath)."

On the New Coaching Staff
"The coaching staff has been fantastic. It has jelled really well, really quick. (Hitting coach Jerry) Zulli and Bob (Keller, Pitching Coach) have been on the road a good bit (to drive that point home, Coach Keller departed immediately after practice to go scout a pitcher, seemingly jumping the fence at a dead sprint on his way out). Jerry has probably been on the road 80% of the time and Bob about 50% of the time, but Jerry brings a lot of energy when he's here and the hitters love working with him. Bob is a little more laid back, he's knowledgeable, he teaches and the pitchers respond to him."

Alan Luckie (interjecting before Coach Calvi could throw any praise in his direction): "It's really a unique situation here because every position has a coach. Mark has the catchers. I have the infielder. Jerry has the outfielders and Bob has the pitchers. At a lot of schools, some position, typically outfielders or catchers, gets neglected. Even more unique, if Bob and Jerry are both on the road recruiting, the two of us can cover everything because of Mark's background working with pitchers."

Recruiting Expectations
"I knew we could attract good players to South Alabama with the tradition, the campus expansion and curb appeal, the facilities and the quality of the education. I saw all of those things when I came in on my first visit and recruits respond to it and I knew they would. But to me, it is more important to get the right guy than it may always be to get the best guy. If a guy is 92 mph and he's not the right guy, I'd rather have the right guy even if he's 86/87. Some places don't have that luxury. They have to take the best guys they can get. Fortunately, I think we can hold out for the right guys.

2012 Recruiting
"It's gone really well. We're wrapping it up. We just need one or two more quality arms, probably junior college guys. We anticipated signing more junior college players again this class, but we got in on so many good high school arms that we could not turn down. It's a good thing in the long run because it adds stability having those guys around for 3 or 4 years. At the same time, we're not going to sign a high school guy just to add high school guys, so the high schoolers we have committed are impressive enough to take money we were anticipating giving to a JC guy.

Alan Luckie: "It should actually work out well because we don't lose a lot after this season (2012) so we won't be looking for as many guys to come in and fill immediate needs like we are right now. Those guys will have time to develop."

Mark Calvi: "I feel really good about last year's class and the commitments we have so far for 2012, but there's no time to rest. 2013 will be a crucial recruiting class, plus we're already looking further ahead."

*You can catch the 3-game Fall World Series at Stanky Field*
Friday, October 28th, 3:30 pm
Saturday, October 29th, 11:00 am
Sunday, October 30th, 12:30 pm

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