Another JUCO Point Guard on the Radar

Ronnie Arrow and his assistants have been combing the junior college ranks for a player who can step in at point guard next season after this year's backcourt graduates. One of their targets is Itawamba's Anthony Brock.

Brock, in the midst of an all-star season, is beginning to attract serious interest. The 5'9" Little Rock, Arkansas product is averaging 20.6 points, 5.4 assists, 3.7 rebounds, and 4.1 steals per game for 15-1 Itawamba Community College. He's shooting 50.8% from the field, 46.7% on his threes and 84% from the free throw line.

According to Coach Marty Cooper, every team that has come to see him so far has offered a scholarship. These teams include South Alabama, Arkansas-Little Rock, Middle Tennessee State and Northern Illinois. In addition to these teams, UTEP has begun scouting him and a visit from their head coach is imminent. So far Brock's only visit has been an unofficial one to his hometown team of Arkansas-Little Rock.

With the amazing numbers he is putting up, Coach Cooper believes it is Brock's height that is keeping away major powers.

"With that size, once you get into a Big 12 or an SEC, it really becomes a factor," he said. "I think he has all the tools to play at that level but size does become a factor."

Those same statistics would have think that Brock is an offense first kind of player, but when asked what his strongest asset was as a player, Coach Cooper's answer was surprising.

"He's putting up great numbers," said Cooper. "But to me it's just that he's so mentally tough and he is a great on-the-ball defender, just pressuring the heck out of the basketball. A lot of people will point to his scoring and his great shooting but, as a coach, that mental toughness and being able to control out there in the middle of court is just huge."

Another aspect that Cooper praises is Brock's unselfishness and willingness to let the game come to him. In last year's junior college tournament in Hutchinson, Kansas, Cooper noted that in one game the team was having trouble scoring so Brock took it upon himself and scored 28 in a win. The next day another player was having a great game and Brock consistently fed him the ball, allowing that player to get 28 that day while Brock had five. Exactly the mentality that every coach wants at point guard.

While it's too early to project a favorite in the race to get Brock's services, Coach Cooper has this to say about the South Alabama staff.

"They're doing a great job recruiting him."

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