Surprise Football Candidate

Out of nowhere, a suprising (and very viable) candidate has entered the race to be South Alabama's first football coach.

With all the excitement of the Super Bowl, I forgot to post this very interesting story that I heard last evening. It seems that former Marshall coach Bob Pruett contacted USA recently about the football job. He was told that we were too far along in the process to add another candidate.

Apparently Pruett has friends at ESPN (maybe Jim Donnan, his predecessor at Marshall?) because the next thing you know, ESPN calls Joe Gottfried and promises to arrange a national men's basketball broadcast game next year (opponent supposedly Clemson or South Carolina) if they'll give Pruett an interview. Obviously you have to say yes to that (although I'm sure the game will be on the road for USA with no return).

Well, Pruett did better than anticipated in the interview and now he is a late-rising darkhorse. Everyone knows that Dan McCarney is the leader right now, but Pruett's sudden appearance and great resume make for some intriguing last minute developments in this exciting time for USA.

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