Finally, The Search is Over!

After dozens of applications, months of interviews and several "false positives," the University of South Alabama has reportedly found it's first NCAA football coach.

Former Murphy High School and Alabama star Joey Jones has reportedly agreed in principal to become the new coach at South Alabama. The offer was formally extended on Wednesday afternoon and Jones has given a tentative "yes" to Athletic Director Joe Gottfried. A final, official answer is expected at some point on Thursday.

There a few hurdles still to be worked out before everything is finalized. The length of the contract and the salary is, of course, high on the list, but also to be decided is the amount of money available for assistant salaries and the number of assistants the staff will contain. Supposedly USA wanted the initial staff to be three assistant coaches but Jones is holding out for five.

After being passed over two or perhaps three times for this offer, Jones will probably demand more than he would have had he been given this opportunity a few weeks ago. And really, who is to blame him? At this point he deserves a few extra perks or maybe a larger staff, considering what he has had to go through to get this job.

If nothing else Jones has shown the one thing that everyone has wanted to see from the new coach: The desire to be the man who founds this program. I'm sure every USA fan, no matter who their personal preference may have been during the search, will unite behind Joey Jones as he takes the reins for the University of South Alabama Football Jaguars

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