Randon Carnathan headed South

Randon Carnathan and Tony Threatt helped the Leeds Green Wave to the Alabama Class 3A, State Championship in December, 2008, and they are ready to help the University of South Alabama get their football program off and running in 2009.

Coach Keith Etheredge discusses the impact each player had on his state title team.

"Randon (Carnathan) is a great young man and he has all the qualities you want in a player. He is all about doing whatever he can to help his team win. He is strong and he never stops playing. He is also a smart guy, which is something you like in any of your players. I believe he will do a great job for South Alabama," Coach Keith Etheredge told JagsJungle.com from his home in Leeds, Ala.

Tony Threatt
"Tony (Threatt) is a long, rangy, athletic young man with great ability. He's 6-3, 6-4, 195-pounds. He can easily add 25 pounds and became an excellent outside linebacker. He played safety and wide receiver for us and he played very well for the last three years."

"Tony is another one of those players that has no problem taking on the role of leader. He and Randon are great leaders on, and off the field."

"I am very proud of both young men for being good people first. I am proud of them for staying true to their commitment when other schools came in late and tried to make a push at them. Ran and Tony made their decision, along with their parents, but I was proud of them. The only thing you have is your word," Coach Etheredge stated.

JagsJungle also talked to Randon Carnathan and he discusses his choosing South Alabama over Middle Tennessee, Arkansas State, Army and Southern Miss.

"I just thought South Alabama was the right choice for me," Carnathan stated. "I liked Coach Clark and after I went there for an official visit I fell in love with the place."

"While I was there I met all the coaches and they were all very nice people to be around. I have a good relationship with Coach Clark and Coach (Joey) Jones, South Alabama was the right choice for me," Carnathan reiterated.

Carnathan also had a message for the South Alabama fans.

"Be ready, because it's gonna be a heck of a season. I'm looking forward to getting there and getting started," Carnathan concluded.

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